Community Mandala Projects
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Radiant Lotus Mandala – Community Mandala Project

I am proud to present to you this Community Mandala Project. 34 artists from seven countries and 16 states from across the US were given a piece of this mandala and assigned a color. Each artist was asked to consider what they desire more of in their lives to radiate and be their best.

Confidence, happiness, love, creativity, divine energy, strength, connection, time, patience, joy, inner peace, and acceptance were some of the intentions worked into this design.

This is a powerful symbol of self-care and self-love.

Click on the petals below to see them enlarged and to read how each person responded to the question, “What do you desire more of in your life to radiate and be your best?”


This radiant lotus mandala is available on a variety of products through Red Bubble. I adore this bag!


You’ll also find posters and framed prints.


This pillow is another sweet product.

Want to participate in the next Community Mandala Project? 

Members of the 100 Mandalas Sharing Circle get exclusive invitations to participate in these unique “community” mandala projects. Join the Sharing Circle.

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