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Hamsa Coloring Book

Hamsa Coloring Book - Free Download

Do you love to color? Our latest coloring book is now available to download for FREE for SHARING CIRCLE MEMBERS!

39 artists from 11 countries and 25 states from the US submitted a hamsa symbol for you to color.

This collection has 39 designs and a template for you to complete the collection by drawing the 40th hamsa symbol.

About the Hamsa Symbol

The hamsa is a familiar symbol of the open palm that traditionally represents protection when the fingers are pointing upward and as a symbol of blessings when the palm is open and the fingers are pointing downward. Since the symbol of the hand is shared among many faiths including Jewish, Muslim, and Christians, the hamsa has become a symbol of peace in the Middle East.

Spreading Blessings for Peace and Joy

When the participants from our 100 Mandalas Community were asked to create a hamsa coloring page for this project, they were asked to think of YOU the person downloading the coloring book.

Imagine people all over the world creating and contributing the art for this project, each with wishes of peace and joy for YOU.

Imagine all of the people downloading this coloring book, receiving our blessings and enjoying the beautiful designs and deeply relaxing as they color.

Imagine more people around the world filled with peace and joy.

Featured Hamsa Designs

For a closer look, click on the images.


To get your FREE hamsa coloring book,
join the Sharing Circle.

When you subscribe to the 100 Mandalas SHARING CIRCLE, you’ll get a welcome message with the link to download the coloring book. You’ll receive weekly e-mails about the 100 Mandalas Challenge and personal invitations to participate in future Community Mandala Challenges.



  1. Linda G says

    I can’t seem to find a place to sign my e mail up. Can you direct me please? Thanks


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