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Certificates of Completion

A Certificate of Completion is available for participants who have completed the 100 Mandalas Challenge by creating 100 mandalas in 100 days.

How to Apply:

  1. Complete 100 mandalas in 100 days.
  2. Post your mandalas for us to see. You may post your mandalas as you create them or all at once when you have completed your challenge. Here are some ideas on where you can post your mandalas:
    Sharing Circle: private website for members.
    Facebook: 100 Mandalas Page or your own Facebook page
    Pinterest: 100 Mandalas group board or your own board
  3. Send an e-mail to with the following information:
    Your Name (as you would like it on the certificate)
    Where you live (state/country)
    Answer these questions: What have you learned in the process of creating 100 mandalas? What was your greatest moment? What was the greatest challenge? What advice do you have for others taking the challenge or considering it?

Certificates will be e-mailed.


Congratulations to the following participants. What an achievement! Names are listed under the date they received their certificates.

2300+ Mandalas!
The following participants collectively made 2300 mandalas. Way to go! Actually many of them have continued the challenge and are hitting the 200 and 300 marks!

Kelli Cody, Doha Qatar
Dionne Ruff-Sloane, Georgia, USA
Nance Dubuc, California, USA
LouAnn Bramante, New Hampshire, USA
Heather Slater Davies, British Columbia, Canada
Tamberly Conkright, Michigan, USA
Jackie Fuller, South Australia
Sarah Ganaway, Oklahoma, USA
Alyson Hurst, Bristol, UK
Fabienne Tosi, Switzerland
Jessica Seacrest, Arizona, USA
Dorothy Allison, South Australia
Maria Mercedes Trujillo Arango, New Zealand
Judy Gonet Jones, Wyoming, USA
Monica Bedolla, Cardenas, Mexico
Radiance Shamayah, California, USA
Susan Kolovson, Michigan, USA
Claire Sheehan, UK
Nancy Marsh, Missouri, USA
Karen Schweitzer, Pennsylvania, USA
Tara Asuchak, Alberta, Canada
Tammy Murdock, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Catherine Calvetti, Wisconsin, USA

It’s Your Turn

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  1. Great job…. It’s on my main page on my iPad and will be frequented a lot. You supported me through a very rough time in my life….. Than you for everything!!! Your hard work here is deeply appreciated and very beautifully done!!!! Hugs to you and congrats on a job well done!!!!


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