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How to Draw a Mandala for Beginners

How to Draw Mandalas for Beginners

Think you can’t draw?

Think again.
I designed this video for you!

I’ll show you step-by-step how to draw this mandala.

I know you have everything that you need. All it takes is something to write with and something to write on plus a desire to create mandalas. Let’s not forget how much fun it will be to color your first mandala.

“I want you to know you did a beautiful job in giving me confidence and explaining and demonstrating how to create a mandala. I’m going to try it tonight!!”
– Leslie Teltoe

Show Notes

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Think you can’t draw a mandala? This video is for you.

It’s Your Turn

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  1. Pam Dickhaus says

    WOW!! After watching this video, I had to try it and I just drew my first free-hand mandala! Yes, it looks a little wonky and it’s just a small one but I did it! Thanks to your video and wonderful instruction and encouragement, I’m not afraid of it any more! Thank you!!


  2. Linda says

    I just finished watching the first video on how to draw Mandalas. I’m so going to try to do this. I think they are so beautiful and interesting and I need to find something to occupy my time and interest me!! I think I have found it. Thank you so much, Kathryn. Now To start!!!!


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  4. Livia says

    Hi! I’ve already tried to draw and colour mandalas but then I’ve slowed down a little. This video made me want to start again. Thank you. From my beautiful town: Rome, Italy


  5. This video and this site and YOU are AMAZING. I can not thank you enough! I am new to this, I’ve only drawn three mandalas so far but I can see myself improving because of you 🙂


  6. Evelyn says

    You are awesome at mandalas I was wondering if you could make more how to draw mandalas. videos


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