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Rock’in It With Pebble Mandalas

Rock and Pebble Mandalas

Welcome back to our 100 Mandalas Challenge. If you are new here, you can get an overview of the challenge over on this page, HERE. The challenge is to create 100 mandalas in 100 days. Basically a mandala is a design within a circle. Each week we offer a theme and art technique as a point of inspiration. You are welcome to play with the theme or experiment with any materials or styles that catch your interest. You can start your 100 Mandalas Challenge at any time.

All week I’ve been drawing mandalas on rocks and pebbles to prepare for today’s post. In my research I found several talented artists who have found their own unique style of mandala rock art. They are rock stars in my book!

Let’s start our mandala rock art tour with a stop in Italy.

Doesn’t Sehnaz make it look so easy? Take a side trip to see more of her work, you’ll definitely get inspired. Visit her on Facebook and Etsy.

Next Stop: Dunedin, New Zealand!


Maria (aka MagaMerlina) draws these beautiful mandala pebbles using a dip pen and white India ink. She shares how she does it and the tools she uses in the blog posts HERE and HERE.

Swing by Maria’s page on Facebook and you’ll see more than painted rocks. She has some darling embroidered felt mandalas. Find her on Etsy too.

We are so delighted that Maria is joining us in the 100 Mandalas Challenge. Be sure to look for her on our community page on Facebook.

Let’s circle back and head to Canada.


These jewel drop mandala stones by Elspeth McLean of Victoria, BC, Canada are made by using acrylic paints and a very small paintbrush. Find Elspeth at her website, on Facebook, and on Etsy.

Experiments here in New Hampshire, USA


I started my week of rock art by pulling out all of the rocks my son and I have collected over the years. This large beauty was adorned using black sharpies, a Rose Art metallic pink pen, and a white gel pen. I found the gel pen really didn’t work all that great on the stone surface. I found the thicker black lines showed up better against the stone background than thin lines.


These pebbles many from a bag I had picked up at a craft supply store were decorated using sharpies, metallic markers, and white gel pens.


I started these pebbles by painting either white or black gel medium to give me a good ground to work on. The glossy surface doesn’t take ink all that well. I then pulled out my dip pen and worked with white and black India ink.


I found this rock that I had painted several years ago. I used acrylics and a small paint brush. The larger rocks are much easier to paint than the small ones.

I had so much fun painting rocks and pebbles this week. I have a greater appreciation for the artists I discovered.

Experiments in Perth, Australia


Let’s see how Megan Warren did with this week’s theme. She writes,

I have drawn mandalas on found pebbles from my favourite beach, but in preparation for this weeks prompt I decided to try different techniques on rocks.

I started with some decorator pebbles from the hardware store and permanent markers, this proved difficult because of the gloss finish on the pebbles. This was resolved with some matt spray.


Then I decided to try paint on some rocks. This really took me out of my comfort zone, working on such a small scale without the control I usually have with a pen.

What I found was it’s fun to try new mediums and it’s ok to not be completely happy with the results – that’s how we develop our own style.     

It’s Your Turn


  1. Gaynor Davies says

    I’d really appreciate knowing how to get hold of “spot sticks” for doing spots on spots. Any tips? I really admire your work, and can’t wait to get cracking and do some more.


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