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Newsletter Video Message – November

To watch the video, click on the image below.

This week I thought I would try something different with the newsletter. Instead of writing the message, I would record it.

Watch the video to:

  • Learn about what I’ve been up to these last two weeks (Hint: Book Project)
  • Hear what’s coming up in 2016 (Hint: Online Classes)
  • Get the details on how to participate in my upcoming Pilot Program (A Really Cool Offer)
  • Take your mandala practice to the next level with this week’s theme/challenge


Highlights and Takeaways


New classes – In 2016, I’ll be offering mandala workshops and retreats starting with this one HERE which begins in January.

Pilot Program – Twelve people will be invited to participate in a pilot program, a 6-week mandala course beginning in March at no charge. I am developing a new course and I’m inviting 12 people to participate in a pilot. I will be looking for individuals who enjoy the process of creating mandalas and are available to commit to the program for six weeks. The subject of this course may be the topic for my second book and participants may have an opportunity to be contributors to the book. I will be considering participants who actively participate in the Inspired Year Mandala Retreat. More details about the pilot program and how you may participate will be provided during the mandala retreat in January. 


Try This

Take your mandala practice to the next level by focusing on the intention of gratitude. As you create and color your mandalas think about what you are grateful for.

What are the blessings from this last year? Think about:

  • the new people you’ve met
  • the people you’ve reconnected to
  • the people who you’ve enjoyed spending time with
  • the joyful experiences
  • the things you’ve learned and the “a-ha” moments
  • the qualities and skills that you’ve developed
  • all of the wonderful people, places, and things that surround you


I printed the Flower of Life mandala from the FREE coloring book that you can download. Within the petals, I wrote in words of the people, places, and things that I’m so grateful for as well as the virtues and qualities that I practiced this year.

Susan from our community printed this page and brought it with her to her family’s Thanksgiving gathering and asked everyone to write their gratitudes in the petals. They loved this activity!

When we recall happy memories, science has shown that we re-experience these feelings. Many of us have experienced how relaxing it is to color mandalas. Let’s see if we can take it a step further and not only relax but to evoke the feelings of happiness and joy by adding a gratitude practice to our mandala practice.

Share your gratitude mandalas over on the 100 Mandalas Sharing Circle.



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Kathryn Costa is an instigator of soulful and creative living. Her passion can be summed up in three little words: “create and connect.” Kathryn’s programs help people to find clarity, let go of fear, embrace their dreams, and explore their creativity. Kathryn has been an online community developer, teacher, and soulful guide for 12 years. Her unique teaching and coaching style integrates tools and practices from her training in Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching, Soul Coaching, The Virtue’s Project, and Jaguar Path Shamanic Apprenticeship Program.


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