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How-to Draw Torus Yantra and Color the Hypnotic Eye [Sacred Geometry]

Let’s pull out our compasses and play!

In this video I show you:

  • Tips on how to use a compass.
  • Clear step-by-step instructions on how to draw the Seed of Life, Torus Yantra with 12 petals and 24 petals.
  • How to color the Hypnotic Eye.
  • Gorgeous examples from members of the 100 Mandalas Community in our first video gallery.


The hypnotic eye is one of many ways you can color in the Torus Yantra.


I learned how to draw the Torus Yantra from Irina Artamonova, a very talented artist from Moscow, Russia and a member of the 100 Mandalas Community. I included several of Irina’s yantras in the video gallery to show you where you can take this form.

Check out Irina’s guest blog posts:

Learn how to draw other geometric mandalas:

Materials Used in the Video:

Torus Coloring Pages (You’ll get the Torus 12 Petal and 24 Petal)



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Kathryn Costa is an artist, teacher, and author of "The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art." Kathryn has taught thousands of people how to create mandalas in her popular YouTube videos, workshops, and book. Check out her new line of chakra stencils!


  1. Guylaine says

    Thanks for your vidéos. I’m fascinated to see all the variations and creativity in the gallerie. Wow !


  2. Beautiful! I have created an event, “Creating Mandalas,” which is scheduled to be held on July 2nd 2016, here in Secunderabad India. The information and gallery comes in time for my group. Thank you and God bless😊


  3. Shyamala says

    Thank you so much
    I am beginning a new healing journey and your instructions are so warm and healthy and you give off such a good vibe I am so glad I came upon your you tube video! I am waiting to receive your book which I ordered today!


    • Hi Shyamala, Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and introduce yourself. I’m so happy that you discovered my YouTube channel and now my website. The book is jam packed with so many demos and techniques. You’ll have hours of creative joy with it. You may be interested in a few things that I’m offering in 2017 starting with the Inspired Year Mandala Retreat and the Great Round Series. I point them out now as I’m running a really good special bundle rate that expires on December 1st. Here are some links for more info: Mandala Retreat: https://100mandalas.com/2016/09/17/mandala-retreat/ and the Great Round: https://100mandalas.com/great-round/ May your new found mandala practice serve you well on your healing journey. ~ Kathryn


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