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001: Welcome to the Circle

100 Mandalas Podcast with Kathryn Costa

Mandala Stories is a podcast by Kathryn Costa about the practice of creating mandalas for relaxation, healing, and personal expression.

Are you feeling in a fog? Have you lost your creative mojo? That was how I was feeling a couple of years ago when I came very close to quitting everything: my blog of 7 years and all social media connections. My mandala practice turned that around so much so that I’m now on a new and exciting creative career path.

Whether you’re in the dark woods or you’re energized and excited to start the new year, this episode is filled with inspiration for getting the most out of your mandala practice.

Listen to this Episode for:

  • A quick breathing meditation that will take your already relaxing practice of coloring mandalas to the next level.
  • A watchword and affirmations that will open you up to the blessings and surprises in your mandala practice.
  • Learning how a mandala practice is helpful whether you are feeling creatively low or creatively high.
  • What I do when resistance strikes and I’m not “in the flow” when creating my mandalas.
  • A spotlight on a member from the 100 Mandalas Community.

Color as You Listen

I invite you to color a mandala while listening to this episode. You may color a mandala that you’ve drawn or you can download one from our free coloring books.

If you colored a mandala while listening, I’d love to see it! E-mail me at and be sure to include any comments about the episode. I’d love to hear what you think of this podcast and if you had any a-ha moments. Be sure to include in your e-mail that you listened to episode #1.

Show Notes

I covered a lot in this episode. Here are a few notes and links. Enjoy!

Breathing Meditation

As you create and color your mandalas, be sure to pause from time to time to focus on your breath. This simple step can take the relaxation that you already feel to a deeper level, or if you are feeling stressed and resistance, the breath work will help you to soften. Try it: Breathe in and out of your nose. Inhale for a count of 3. Hold for 3. Exhale for 3.

Watchword: Openness

Today’s watchword comes from a beautiful deck of virtue cards from The Virtue’s Project.

Openness is being honest, clear and sincere, sharing who we are and what we feel without pretense. It is the willingness to consider new ideas and listen to others with an open mind. We reveal our thoughts candidly without attempting to manage the responses of others. We hold no hidden agendas.We are more interested in connecting than controlling. We listen to other’s feelings with compassionate curiosity. We are open, we are receptive to the blessings and surprises of life.

How will you be open in your mandala practice?

When you feel resistance are you trying to control the outcome?

Two affirmations:

I am more interested in connecting than controlling.

I am open. I am receptive to the blessings and surprises of life.

Community Mandala Projects

I mention these two stunning group mandala projects. Click on them to see them enlarged.

Community Mandala Lotus Intentions

Word-for-the-Year Lotus Mandala


Radiant Lotus Mandala
Words that speak of what participants desired more of to be their best.


Inspired Year Mandala Retreat

What word will you select to inspire your year? Let’s discover this together in a unique online mandala retreat. There is still time to register for my upcoming online retreat. GET THE DETAILS HERE.

Take the Challenge

Take the 100 Mandalas Challenge to create 100 mandalas in 100 days.

Learn How to Draw Mandalas

Check out these how-to videos and see this page for prompts to inspire your mandala practice.

100 Mandalas on Pinterest

Today’s spotlight is on Kelli Cody. Look for Kelli’s mandalas on our group board on Pinterest. Want to post your mandalas? Like the board and then send me an e-mail with the your name on Pinterest.

Take Aways

Our mandala practice is a place to:

  • pause
  • listen
  • reflect
  • discern
  • and gain clarity

When we get clear on our purpose or on a project, we have confidence.

Today’s watchword is also an invitation to practice openness.

May you feel receptive and open to the blessings and surprises that await you in your mandala practice.

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Mandalas from Listeners of this Show

Did you color a mandala while listening to this podcast? Send it to me and I’ll include it in this gallery. Be sure to include in your e-mail any comments about the show. Click on the images below to see the mandala art enlarged and to reader the listener’s comments.


  1. Angella deJager says

    Oh Kathryn, the only way I can think of to describe this podcast is soulful. Your voice is so soothing and comforting, full of compassion and kindness and light. This podcast was a very special blessing to me today. You inspired and encouraged me so much. thank you for being the beautiful person that you are. (I did not colour a mandala while watching – I was knitting (wink) )


  2. I loved this podcast more than any I have heard, as if it was made just for me! Thank you! You will be getting my mandala as soon as I finish it!


    • Wow! Thank you sweetie for listening in. I can’t wait to see your mandala. I’m preparing for my next episode which will be released within a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!


  3. Sandy Boreen says

    Thank you, Kathryn for sharing your Mandala story. I enjoyed the podcast and look forward to the next one. I did color a mandala while listening so I will send it to you.


  4. Carol Ivy says

    So glad you are creating podcasts now.. one of my favorite ways to reset and restore while creating, and this had many treasures through it. The word “openess” seems such a welcoming way to start the year, with all the chaos of the past. Your openess by sharing your story gave this added meaning Kathryn. The compassion you have for others is reflected by your enthusiasm and welcome for the creativity expressed by each of us as we journey through our own stories.. Thank you! ( I will post the mandala I was coloring).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Carol for your note. I so agree, “openness” is a wonderful invitation for how to start the year. I’m feeling so blessed these days by all of the positive and encouraging comments about the work that I’m doing. It is inspiring me to keep “creating and connecting.” Happy New Year!


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