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Mandala Guidebook Contributor – Neomi Mor

Neomi Mor

Artist: Neomi Mor

Location: Israel

Found on page: 139

Title of Art: Flower in the Dessert

Materials: Alcohol-based markers (TouchFive) and alcohol ink pens (Chameleon)

How has making mandalas enriched your life?

Drawing mandalas has opened a new channel of creativity to express myself. I love the creation of a new symmetric and enchanting symbol out of a simple piece of white paper. Drawing mandalas is a kind of a meditation for me. It gives me joy and calmness and heals me during tough periods in life.

NeomiMor-portraitI am married and a mother to three adult children living in Israel. Until recently I worked as a banker. Today I am a holistic healer. I enjoy traveling, good food, books and interesting people, but above all, enjoy painting mandalas. Find Neomi online at www.facebook.com/neomi.mor

The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art” by Kathryn Costa is available from North Light Books.

Meet the other contributors at the online Book Launch Party.

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