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Four Artists Play: Mandala Art Inspired by The Mandala Guidebook

I asked several artists who I greatly admire if they would review a copy of my book, “The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art.” What is so much fun with these reviews is how each artist was inspired to play and create mandalas and they took the concepts and ideas from my book and made it their own.


Michelle Ward

I first “met” Michelle many years ago when I was first blogging and she was hosting creativity challenges on her blog. Through these challenge, Michelle inspired me to experiment with different mediums and techniques that show up in my mixed media mandalas today. In addition to loving Michelle’s design sensibility, I appreciate her process for finding inspiration everywhere and finding creative ways to translate that in her own style.

Michelle writes, “If you have considered jumping into mandala making then I recommend seeking out Kathryn’s book.  It’s a wonderful introduction to the unique art form.”

“[Kathryn] has a gentle yet enthusiastic voice that walks you through options for designing, embellishing, and adding color to mandalas with many demonstrations, and invites you to dig even deeper moving from decorative to meditative.”

You are in for a visual feast when you swing by Michelle’s blog. She shares with us her process for creating mandalas digitally, in sand, and in pen + ink on kraft paper.

Michelle Ward’s Blog Post

See Also: Green Pepper Press Website for Michelle Ward’s stencils and rubber stamps.



Mary Beth Shaw

Mary Beth Shaw is the owner of StencilGirl Products well known in the mixed media world as a place to find unique and varied stencils. Here’s what Mary Beth has to say about my book:

“I’ve gotta say I was totally inspired by Kathryn’s book. It provides specific, hands on, precise information about a variety of ways to make mandalas. I chose to take this in the direction of stencils, but there are lots of other projects I can’t wait to explore, such as the Gratitude Mandala and the Labyrinth. Anyone with an interest in making their own mandalas will definitely want this book in their library.”

See how Mary Beth used a couple of stencils to create her own mandalas.

Mary Beth Shaw’s Blog Post

See Also: StencilGirl Products Website



Jill Badonsky

One of my favorite authors is Jill Badonsky whose sense of humor and whimsical illustration style wakes up my muse and invites her to get creative. When Jill received a copy of my book this was her first reaction:

“You must check out [The Mandala Guidebook] if you have even the slightest interest in Mandalas. I was impressed at all the fun and profound approaches she shares.”

Jill made several mandalas but my favorite one is pictured above. This is what I wrote to Jill when I saw it:

I love this mandala! So often people think of mandalas as having a “radial” balance where everything is arranged around the center. Contemporary mandalas offer more freedom where anything goes in the center and they often like your mandala here tell a story. I adore this mandala and can’t wait to hold it in my hands.

Read: Jill Badonsky’s Newsletter

See also: Jill’s Website, The Muse is In.


Violette Clark

Another one of my favorite artist/author is Violette Clark whose work brings whimsy to the journal page. Pictured above are examples of how mandalas have been showing up in her journals over the years. When Violette received the book, this is what she had to say:

I am especially intrigued to use mandalas to solve problems, let go of my fears and to use in my gratitude practice.  Drawing intentional mandalas will also give you greater clarity and insight on what’s happening in your life. The possibilities are truly endless.

This book is full of prompts, pattern ideas, inspiration and mixed media techniques from using simple pen and paper to more complex mixed media projects.  There truly is something for everyone here.

Violette Clark’s Blog Post

See Also: Violette’s Book, “Journal Bliss: Creative Prompts to Unleash Your Inner Eccentric”


Now it’s your turn!

Where will you take your mandala art? My book is filled with lots of prompts, techniques, and ideas to get your started. I hope you’ve found some inspiration from these talented artists to go and discover your own mandala style.

Share your mandala art with us over on the Sharing Circle.

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