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150 Tree Illustrations to inspire your mandala practice.

“Trees are an ancient symbol of individuality” writes Susanne Fincher in her book, “The Mandala Workbook.” When we look at trees, no two are exactly alike. Hmmm sounds like us human beans, doesn’t it? Even the tree form with it’s trunk, roots, and branches can be compared to a human form with trunk, legs, and arms. Susanne adds, “Jung wrote of trees as a symbol of the Self, which functions like a seed, unfolding human potentials.”

The Tree Mandala exercise from Susanne’s book (see pp. 136-137) invites us to draw a tree within a circle filling the tree and surroundings with color and form.


One day this week during my lunch break, I pulled out some art supplies and a small journal to create the tree mandala pictured above.

Reflection: What are the qualities of the tree and the environment? Is your tree healthy? Does it have all it needs to grow? If not, what is lacking? What does it need to grow to its optimal size? Feel free to add to your tree mandala images of what your tree needs to fulfill it’s potential.

Consider This: What does your tree and its needs tell you something about yourself and what you may need?

This week I’m inviting members of the Sharing Circle to create Tree Mandalas and to share their reflections as to what shows up for them. Would you like to join the discussion? Learn more about the Sharing Circle, HERE.

150 Tree Illustrations to Inspire Your Mandala Practice

To wake up your muse to create a Tree Mandala, I collected gorgeous tree illustrations over on my Tree & Tree of Life board on Pinterest.


source: carambatack


source: Margaret Bremmer, Enthusiastic Artist


source: Caterina Martinico


source: prisarts


source: PrintsByStellaChili


source: sticks

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