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2016 Inspired Year Mandala

Fifty participants of the Inspired Vision Retreat were invited to contribute a piece to this group mandala project. Each person was given a piece and assigned a color. They printed the piece, filled it with color and form and incorporated their word-for-the-year into their design.

When I started creating these “community mandalas” it was to bring our group closer together and illustrate how there is a place for everyone. I love that you don’t have to be an “artist” or believe that you are creative to fit into this project.

The mandala was designed with a sense of movement to convey how our positive intentions and inspiring words-for-the-year inspire us to take action. The round circles are seeds and the flower aspect is the opening up and our becoming in 2016. I chose soft colors that reinforce how important it is to be gentle with ourselves as we takes the steps we need to realize our dreams. Compassion, self-care, and nurturing are all woven into the color choices.

This is a powerful symbol of love and hope.

Want to participate in the next Community Mandala Project?

Exclusive invitations will be sent to the participants of the 2018 Inspired Vision Retreat.


Click on the images for a closer look. The detailed view includes the word and the artist’s name.

For a closer look a community mandala projects from previous years, CLICK HERE.

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Kathryn Costa is an instigator of soulful and creative living. Her passion can be summed up in three little words: “create and connect.” Kathryn’s programs help people to find clarity, let go of fear, embrace their dreams, and explore their creativity. Kathryn has been an online community developer, teacher, and soulful guide for 12 years. Her unique teaching and coaching style integrates tools and practices from her training in Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching, Soul Coaching, The Virtue’s Project, and Jaguar Path Shamanic Apprenticeship Program.


  1. LouAnn Bramante says

    Love looking at each separate piece. The colors are calming and the words do inspire! Wonderfully enchanting. Is there a download of the whole mandala that can be printed? Thank you.


    • No there isn’t a download but participants will be getting a little surprise in the mail soon. Watch for the teal envelope in your mailbox. {wink}


  2. susan kolovson says

    Each part of the mandala is inspiring, between the word of the year and the colors for each section. Put together to represent the community of the Retreat, it’s a masterpiece!


  3. Fabienne says

    How beautiful! And how nice to see our commnity reflected in this gorgeous madala. Thank you Kathryn for assembling it and for showing us that we’re a true and strong community!


  4. Nancy Dubuc says

    Love seeing these up close so I can savor the details. Thank you, Kathryn for this wonderful mandala and your part in coordinating, assembling and contributing to it’s completion.


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