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DIY Gifts to Lift the Spirit

This last year I had been contributing mandala art for the Heart to Heart column in Parable Magazine. When the editor of the magazine saw my book, “The Mandala Guidebook” she approached me about contributing a project for a new column.


I came up with the name “Prayerful Projects” for the column to tie in with Mae Edwards’ new focus for her Heart to Heart column about making time for one self in the form of a personal retreat. Pictured above you can see the layout and how our columns face each other.

The first project in this series is a journal project designed for the non-artist who wants to create a special place to record their thoughts, ideas, inspirational quotes, and prayers.

A plain notebook is transformed into a lovely space with the addition of a mandala colored, cut out and glued on the cover.

My mandala practice – creating and coloring mandalas – as well as journal writing offer me a quiet time to relax, reflect, and renew.

In this weary world, we need more places of refuge. May this new series offer you projects to lift your spirit.


Watch me on Facebook in this video where I talk about this project and show you the journals.

When each issue of Parable is published, I’ll jump on Facebook for some Show & Tell. We can chat about these projects and you can ask me questions and share your ideas.

Gift Idea!

These journals would make a lovely gift for Christmas, birthdays, get well, or for any friend going through a transition and could use a place to capture their thoughts and feelings. Pair the journal with a book and pen to suit the occasion.

The mandala is a universal symbol that represents wholeness and connection. The mandala decorated journal makes a great gift for anyone of any faith tradition.

Show Notes from the Facebook Video

Read November/December issue of Parable Magazine.

Download the mandala art featured in this project. Visit

Moleskin journals come in a variety of sizes and colors. Order the journals on Amazon.

My favorite daily reader is “The Book of Awakening” by Mark Nepo

I talked about what I’m offering in 2017. Here are some related links:

  • January Mandala Retreat – This two week, online experience will start your year off inspired! Creating personal retreats, learning the power of intention and attention, and discerning our deepest wishes for the new year are explored through videos and projects. No art experience required.
  • The Great Round Series – This lecture series will guide you through a fascinating process of discovering your mandala stories.
  • Sharing Circle – Private website for members of the 100 Mandalas Community.
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