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Mandalafest - Mandala Party

Mandalafest is an event to celebrate the joy of creating and coloring mandalas. Participants are encouraged to share their love for mandalas by hosting a mandala party for their friends and families. Gather with mandala enthusiasts from around the world online and enter in one or more of the five contests for a chance to win 20 prizes!

What is a mandala? Mandala is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates as “circle” or “center.” The circular designs often have shapes and colors repeating around the center. While mandalas have been around throughout the ages and in many cultures, they have reached a new popularity in coloring books.


Official Mandalafest Party Planner

Download the Party Planner: The party planner has all of the details that you’ll need for participating in Mandalafest including:

  • Schedule of Events
  • Contest Rules
  • Party Planning Worksheets
  • Coloring Pages

Be sure to download the Party Planner right away so you can get an early start on your contest entries.

Mark Your Calendar: April 22 – 30, 2017

Starting on April 22nd, post your contest entries on Facebook here:


Prizes & Sponsors

Be sure to visit our sponsors. We are so grateful for their support of Mandalafest!


Imagination International Incorporated

Imagination International Incorporated’s goal is to help our customers, as well as our community to thrive and flourish in tangible and meaningful ways! Over the years we have learned that creativity is precious. What makes us happiest is to see others discover the creativity within them.


PRIZES: (4) Zipper Pouches with four pens including Kirarina 2 win, atyou Spica Twinkling like stars!, and two Kirarina Winks. Colors vary in each prize pack.

Get the details on how you can win this prize. Download the Party Planner


The Quarto Group

The Quarto Group (LSE: QRT) is the leading global illustrated book publisher and distribution group and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Our mission is to educate, entertain and enrich the lives of our readers, putting books in their hands, wherever, however and whenever they choose. Quarto creates more than 600 adult and children’s books a year. These books are sold into more than 45 countries and in more than 35 languages. Subjects range from Art ‘How-To’, Graphic Design, and Home Improvement, to Cooking, Gardening, Motoring, and Crafts. In fact, we cover any subject that can be better explained with photographs or illustrations. Put another way, we love making great books and we love selling lots of them to readers as passionate about our subjects as we are.


PRIZES: (2) Meditative Mandala Stones Kit by Maria Mercedes Trujillo Arango

Get the details on how you can win this prize. Download the Party Planner


Robin Mead Designs

Robin is a mixed media, watercolor, acrylic artist and art journaler. Robin uses vibrant and bold colors to capture the joy in life. Her favorite subjects are depictions of nature, preferably the ocean, landscapes, flowers and birds. Robin believes that we all have a colorful source of imagination and joy.  Robin seeks to convey beauty, joy and a zest for life in her art.


PRIZE: (1) 12” x 12” handmade mixed media journal with assorted papers.

Get the details on how you can win this prize. Download the Party Planner


Mandala Sparks

Draw unique mandalas with the help of inspiration cards. This deck of 52 cards represents more than a billion possible combinations to guide your mandala creation. Design your own one-of-a-kind mandala; our Sparks, your creations. A fun way to build a mandala and challenge the artist in you. Fun for both beginner and advanced artists. Designed by Tammy Murdock and Deborah Hall.


PRIZE: (1) Mandala Sparks Deck

Get the details on how you can win this prize. Download the Party Planner


StencilGirl  Products

StencilGirl Products cuts stencils the old fashion way, one at a time right here in the USA. We are a family-owned business that includes Mary Beth, her husband John, and son-in-law, Frank. Today StencilGirl Products sells more than 900 stencils designed by a team of talented artists. Mary Beth is proud of her artist designers and insists they are paid appropriate and fair royalties every time one of their designs is sold.


PRIZES: (2) Set of four 6” x 6” stencils.

Get the details on how you can win this prize. Download the Party Planner

Cassia Cogger

Cassia Cogger—artist, teacher and author of Creating Personal Mandalas—is inspired to create artworks, creative courses and experiences that allow individuals to enter into greater relationships with their surroundings, becoming present to that which is essential. As much as she is excited by color, shape, pattern and beauty, she is more excited by what the creative process reveals. Her work has been featured at the National Academy Museum of Design in NYC, in Watercolor Artist magazine as a rising star as well as in a host of other galleries and private collections. Download a Free Chapter of Cassia’s book at:


PRIZE: (2) “Creating Personal Mandalas” published by NorthLight Books

Get the details on how you can win this prize. Download the Party Planner

And a special shout out to…

…two of our generous mandala family members


Gorgeous hand beaded pendant that features a different colored cabochon on each side: green and pink. The Oculus Pendant pattern is by Samantha Westcott and this treasure was beaded and donated by one of our Sharing Circle members, Susan Kolovson.

Get the details on how you can win this prize. Download the Party Planner


Steve Kozak for a mandala coloring book and $25 gift card.

Get the details on how you can win these prizes. Download the Party Planner


Kathryn Costa, host of Mandalafest offers these prizes:

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