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Inspired Vision Retreat

What is calling you?
What do you desire for this next year?

It’s January 1st, and you’re full of ideas about things you want to do differently this year. You may make an ambitious list of goals and New Year’s resolutions. But in the back of your mind, you also know that
you’ll forget all about them by next week, or next month.

You’re not alone.

Let’s toss out the New Year’s resolutions and set an intention for 2018.

A single word is powerful.

They can set us back, slow us down, and even stop us dead in our tracks.
Or, they can inspire us to forge ahead, make healthy choices, and
focus on the positive.


As you consider the year ahead, what needs your attention right now?

What word will you select to inspire and guide you?

Let’s discover this together.


The Inspired Vision Retreat:
a nourishing and playful approach to finding clarity

Course Begins: Sunday, January 7, 2018
Course Ends: Sunday, January 20, 2018
NEW DATE! Webinar: Saturday, January 27, 2018

“A retreat is a time to step back and take a new look at our lives. It is not so much a time to learn new things as to remember and feel again some of the things we have forgotten. It is a time to be lovingly attentive to the needs of the soul.”

~ Macrina Wiederkehr, “The Song of the Seed”

In this unique two-week online class you’ll:

  • Discover your word-for-the-year that resonates with your deepest desire for 2018.
  • Transform any ordinary moment into a nourishing “retreat moment.”
  • Find clarity and focus. You can use these activities again and again any time you’re feeling blocked on a project or seeking direction in life.
  • Meet Inspired Seekers from all over the world who are taking this course.
  • Begin 2018 feeling focused and inspired.



Week 1:
5 Lessons to Discover Your Word & Vision for 2018

Each lesson begins with a video introduction and includes
gorgeous worksheets and fun downloads.

You’ll relax and color in the mandala art found in the worksheets. The mandalas (lovely circular designs) are perfect containers for writing in the words that you’ll collect. Now, if you love to draw your own mandalas, you’re encouraged to pull out your drawing supplies and create your own designs to complete the activities. Please know that this isn’t a how-to-draw-mandalas course, it’s more of a how-to-use-mandalas course.

While there are many “find your word-for-the-year” resources on the web, these are often published by writers and appeal to thinker/wordy types. This course, designed by an artist + writer, offers you a selection of playful activities that incorporate inspiring words, thoughtful prompts, and gorgeous visuals.

Lesson 1: Retreat Moments
Learn how to create your own personal retreats

Lesson 2: Word Audition
It’s hard to pick just one word and you don’t have to, just yet. This fun activity gets you collecting words and considering what you truly desire. Let the audition begin!

Lesson 3: Scavenger Hunt
Do you notice signs and patterns in your life? This activity opens you up to see and read the signs.

Lesson 4: A Thinker’s Approach
There is nothing like a good question to carry with you for the day. This activity offers a variety of prompts to reflect on as you consider what’s next.

Lesson 5: Dream Wheel Collages
Think vision board only in a circle. The circular shape transforms the vision board collage into a work of art with a sense of balance and centeredness. Kathryn shares her process for creating beautiful collages. Watch her work in the video and you’ll learn the elements of design and how they can be used to not only create a vision board but a work of art you’ll love to hang in your home or office.

Week 2:
Time to Uncover Your Word

You get all of the lessons and activities in Week 1. Week 2 is reserved for you to complete the activities that interest you most. You may choose to do all of the activities or do one or two.

We’ll check in a couple of times and wrap up with some tips on
how to stay inspired by your word throughout the year.

Finale Webinar

Saturday, January 27, 2018 at 3:00 p.m., EST

During the interactive webinar, participants will show their favorite project and declare their word-for-the-year. It is a great celebration and way to kick-off 2018. If you can’t make it to the live event, it will be recorded.

Watch the video above to see how the Community Mandala grows.

Be a Part of the 2018 Community Mandala Project

Inspired Vision Retreat participants get an exclusive invitation to participant in the annual 100 Mandalas Community Mandala.  Each participant is given a piece of a mandala to color, doodle, and record their word-for-the-year. Participants scan and return their piece that is worked into the final design. The final mandala is a powerful symbol of love and inspiration. Participants feel like they are part of a global community when they see their piece alongside the pieces from other mandala enthusiasts around the world. Pictured above are the group mandalas from previous years.


You are an Inspired Seeker if…

  • You don’t like New Year’s resolutions and you want to find a playful alternative to starting your year inspired.
  • You love words and find inspiration in them.
  • You want a plan for creating nourishing personal retreats that you can take when life gets stressful.
  • Participating in a two-week course fits in your busy schedule.

What You’ll Need

  1. Computer or mobile device with internet access.
  2. Computer or mobile device with a video camera and mic. Most computers and mobile devices have these features. (Required to participate in the interactive webinar.)
  3. Printer to print the worksheets and fun downloads.
  4. Notebook or journal and pen.
  5. Magazines, large poster board or piece of cardboard or paper (18″ or greater), scissors, glue stick.
  6. Your favorite coloring supplies: colored pencils, markers, gel pens…
  7. An open mind and curiosity.

Other Details

  • Unlimited access to the course materials for the year. Don’t worry if you haven’t completed the activities within the timeframe of the course. You’ll have access to all of the videos, worksheets, and downloads after the course is over.
  • The online classroom is easy to navigate and check off the lessons as you complete them.
  • Participants can post photos of their projects and comments similar the way we post photos and comments on Facebook. Note this is not a Facebook group.


Word Audition Mandalas Gallery

It can be hard to pick just one word. In the Word Audition activity, participants have fun collecting words before settling on “the” word for the year. Here are some examples of how participants played with this exercise.

Here’s what participants said about this activity:

“I love this mandala. This just makes me feel amazed how powerful a Mandala can be, when you dive deep into the process.” ~ Kate Stimson

“I loved doing this activity! I have been thinking about choosing a word for 2018 for some time now. This exercise made me narrow it down to three.” ~ Janny Haack

“I couldn’t believe how much fun I had with this project. I’m so happy with the way it turned out.” ~ Emanuela Chihaia

“Very relaxing.  I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed myself and am looking forward to learning and doing more.” Tina Jastrzemski

Click on the images below for a closer look. You may just find your word for the year!


About the Course Creator

Kathryn CostaHi I’m Kathryn Costa, the host of the 100 Mandalas Challenge and the author of “The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art.”

I’ve been selecting a word-for-the-year for many years. Sometimes it is just a single word and other times it is a phrase. It amazes me how my chosen word shows up and guides me.

In 2015, my word was “commitment” and the phrase, “commit, you’ll find a way to do it” appeared in a photo I saw on Facebook of some random person wearing a t-shirt with these words. My goal for 2015 was to get a book proposal written and submitted and maybe land a signed contract. By March I reached that goal and my book project has been on a fast track!

My watchword and phrase have encouraged and supported me to meet some really crazy deadlines.

In addition to writing my first book, I’ve launched a new website, and Youtube channel. And, I have my first podcast series in the works. It has taken a “commitment” to focus and see these projects through.

Every time a new BIG and SCARY opportunity showed up this year, I remembered my watchword and phrase, “commit, you’ll find a way to do it.”

Not all years have been this productive. In fact, one year, I dreaded the start of the New Year. I was in a creative slump and feeling depressed. The thought of making a New Year to-do list made me feel nauseous. I still did some, not all, of the activities that you’ll find in the course. When I look back on that word and that year…it really was prophetic. When you join the course, I’ll tell you more about that story and how my words from other years played out.

Note that every year the word was different and every year offered new lessons and it was always just what I needed.

As with all of my projects, I pour a lot of love, creativity, and experience into them. I love these activities and have personally used them over the last 7 years. I’m excited to finally offer them to you.

If you enjoy words and beautiful mandalas to color, you’ll have fun uncovering your inspired word-for-the-year.

Here’s to a new adventure in 2018!

~ Kathryn Costa



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    • Hi Stephen, The course is delivered via videos that you can access any time that is convenient for you. The webinar at the end of week one will be set a time that will accommodate the greatest number of participants. On the first day, I ask participants to send to me their time zone. In this last year our webinars were typically at 3:00 pm, EST which worked for those in all US timezones and for many in Europe. Depending on the number of registrations, I may open up a second time slot for those in the Southern Hemisphere. The webinar will be recorded. Thanks for your question. Let me know if you have any others. ~ Kathryn


  3. I’ve signed up and am totally loving everything you do and are about!! Thank you universe for leading me to Kathryn!!


    • Wow! I’m so glad our paths crossed and you are feeling a connection with what I do. The great part is that this course has only just started!


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