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Let’s Play in Our Journals

My journaling changed ten years ago when images and words from magazines added color, interest, and inspiration to the otherwise boring straight lined pages in my notebooks.

What started out as play, turned into a way to create a vision for my life that inspired me to build a life and business that I love. That’s why I call them vision journals.

What’s a Vision Journal?

Think vision board meets journal. It’s a place to dream, brainstorm, and make plans. It’s where you gather inspiration and have sacred conversations with your soul. Vision boards are often created as a one time activity often at the beginning of the year. The vision journal is an ongoing process that keeps you connected to your vision. It supports you to go from dreaming to doing.

In my interactive online workshops, I show you how to recycle a catalog and use magazine images and other ephemera to create your own unique vision journal.


Journal Workshops

These fun interactive online workshops include:

  • Gorgeous Envelope. You get real mail! Tucked inside are surprise goodies to use during the workshop.
  • Presentation. Get ideas & techniques for creative vision journaling.
  • Soul Journey. The guided meditation is an opportunity to relax and tune into your intuition and inner wise self.
  • Oracle Card Reading. Tucked inside each envelope is an oracle or affirmation card that is divinely picked just for you! You’ll have time to connect with the message in the card.
  • Three Journal Prompts. A good question will open up a conversation with your soul and guide you in what needs your attention.
  • Animal Ally. An animal ally is invited to share its wisdom.
  • Element. Each workshop focuses on one of the four elements: air (clear the mind), water (to clear emotions), fire (to clear and connect with spirit), earth (clear the body)
  • Studio Time. When you attend live, we break for an hour so you can play in your journal. This is dedicated time for getting creative.
  • Show & Tell. Each participant at the live event has an opportunity share with us their experience.
  • Recordings. Can’t attend live or want to revisit the presentation? You get lifetime access to the recordings.

Each Vision Journal Workshop has the same format but the envelope, contents, and prompts are different. I love getting happy surprises in the mail, don’t you? That’s why I don’t reveal what’s inside the envelope until after we’ve had our workshop and the participants have received it.


Vision Journal Workshop #8
Topic: Sacral Chakra
September 28/29 2018
Online Class

Note from Kathryn Costa:

I’m having so much fun developing this chakra journal series. The second charka also known as the Sacral Chakra is about passion, creativity, and play. Now doesn’t that sound juicy and fun? I love this topic!

I have a ton of experience with creativity. For these workshops alone, there is a lot of creating involved from designing the gorgeous envelopes and webinar presentation to crafting Soul Journey guided meditations that invite your soul into a sacred conversation. I have to tell you that while I was developing this workshop, I was waking up at 3:00 a.m. each day, super excited to work on each part. I was in full on play mode. I love that feeling of being in the creative flow.

Do you wake up excited to work on your projects?

Whether you answer yes or no, there is always something we can learn about creativity.

I’ve been paying attention and taking notes about my creative process to share with you during this workshop. I’ve also been studying creativity and working towards becoming a creativity coach. I’ll be bringing juicy tidbits of what I’m learning to this workshop that includes some of the typical creative blocks all creatives face and ways to bust them!

What I love about these workshops is that when you attend live, you’ll get time to create something and fire up your mojo.

If you missed the first workshop in this series on the Root Chakra, not to worry. Each workshop is a standalone session.

What’s a chakra? Simply put, the chakras are centers in your body where energy flows through. Each chakra is associated with different functions in the body and emotions.

Watch this video to get an overview of what is included in each chakra journal workshop. You can see what was included in the Root Chakra Journal workshop. It will give you an idea of what to expect when you sign up for this next workshop.

In this Sacral Chakra Journal Workshop you’ll:

  • Learn about chakras and specifically the sacral chakra.
  • Explore the creative process, common blocks, and ways to bust through.
  • Balance body, mind, and spirit.
  • Create chakra mandala art.
  • Tap into your inner wise soul during a Soul Journey.
  • Get an oracle card in your envelope.
  • Explore the topic with journal prompts.
  • and so much more!

You’ll receive:

  • A gorgeous envelope in the mail filled with surprise goodies to use in your journal.
  • An invitation to the new Journal Circle. It’s a private website for sharing your journals and experiences. It’s open to everyone who has taken one of the journal workshops.
  • Bonus video on how-to draw chakra mandala.
  • Chakra template for creating a chakra mandala sun catcher using a recycled CD.

Live Online Workshop Sessions:

After you register, you’ll have the option to select the date/time that is best for you.

SESSION 1: Friday, September 28, 2018
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., EST

SESSION 2: Saturday, September 29, 2018
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., EST

Can’t attend live? You’ll get a recording of the events.

Limited Spots. This workshop fills up so quickly!

$35 (same low price for US and International orders)

It’s recommended that you register before September 15th so you get your envelope and goodies in time for the webinar. Register by September 7th if you live in a remote location or outside the US.

Now, to sign up for the next session, you don’t have to participate in the previous workshops. Each session is a unique and stand-alone workshop.


Missed a Workshop?

A limited supply of workshop envelopes are available. When you order, the envelope will be mailed off to you and you’ll get instant access to the workshop recordings.


Journal Workshop #1
Topic: New Beginnings

New beginnings are so exciting. Tucked inside the envelope you’ll find a beautiful door, sparkly stars, and an antelope ally to play with in your journal as you explore the new beginnings and many possibilities in your life.

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Journal Workshop #2
Topic: Unexpected Blessings & Surprises
Element: Air

Unexpected blessings and surprises await you! When we open our hearts, slow down and listen, we notice the divine synchronicities around us. In this workshop, we are guided by bird spirit and given golden wings to help us to shift our perspective from being caught in the weeds to becoming the sacred observer.

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Journal Workshop #3
Topic: Grit & Pearl
Element: Water

I invited a starfish and nautilus to join us in this journal workshop as we explore the gritty parts of our lives and the pearls of wisdom. Tap into the wisdom of your soul in the Soul Journey and Oracle Card reading activities.

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Journal Workshop #4
Element: Fire
Topic: Follow Your Bliss

Following Your Bliss can require you to muster up courage. In this journal workshop, you’ll tap into your inner strength, confidence, and determination; recognize your strengths; and discover the secrets of lucky people.

Any time you are feeling like the scared traveler, return to the Soul Journey in this lesson. Know that you have everything within you to pursue your dreams.

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Journal Workshop #5
Element: Earth
Topic: Soul Garden

Are you a gentle gardener? In this workshop, we explore whether we are planting weeds or seeds in our soul gardens. How often do you hear yourself saying that you don’t have enough time? The busy bee joins us in this workshop to help us to see why we don’t have enough time for our creativity and what brings us joy.

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Vision Journal Workshop #6
Element: Earth
Topic Soul Traveler Map

In this journal session, we’ll create our own Soul Traveler Maps and collect some precious gold “soul” treasure. And, you may be surprised by the animal ally that is planning to join us.



Vision Journal Workshop #7
Element: Earth
Topic: Root Chakra

The root chakra is all about our feelings of security, being rooted, and grounded. If you are like me, your root chakra may not be balanced and it is showing up in one or more of these ways: extra weight, inflammation, sluggishness, depression, or not feeling connected to your body.

As I was preparing for this workshop, I set an intention to work on balancing my root chakra. While this will be an ongoing process, I’m excited by how I’ve already lost 15 lbs! Now this workshop isn’t a course in weight loss. It is a course in recognizing the qualities of this chakra in yourself and tuning into your wise inner self for making healthy changes. In this workshop, we take a creative approach to exploring the topic, set intentions, and take action.



    • Let me know if you have any questions. What makes this online workshop so unique is that you get some very special in the mail. The session starts with a presentation, followed by a Soul Journey guided meditation, time to play in your journal, and then we end with Show & Tell. If you missed a session, you can order it and you’ll get the envelope in the mail and instant access to the session recordings.


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