Monthly Mandala Challenges
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Color Inspiration Challenge

This month the mandala challenge is all about noticing the colors around us creating a color palette for coloring our mandalas.

Watch this short 4-minute video to get the details.


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  1. Ana says

    Hola mi nombre es Ana, me encantaria aprender hacer mandalas para venderlos , y dedicarme a ello ya que tengo q cuidar a mi mama porque tiene azhceimer y no puedo salir fuera a trabajar. Deseo poder comunicarnos y me pudiera dar unas clases de mandalas y consejos. Muchas gracias


  2. Kathryn… I love the monthly challenges you create for us. I’m learning a lot from each one and thoroughly enjoying the journey.
    Thank you for all the love and work you put into these challenges💙💛❤️️


    • Thank you so much for your note! As you can see, I pour a lot of heart and soul into what I offer and it is so rewarding to see how you and the other members of our community are learning and having fun. It is truly a pleasure to share my passion for soulful and creative living with you. {soul hugs}


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