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Coffee Talk: Recognizing & Releasing Perfectionism

Let’s get together for a “Coffee Chat” to discuss perfectionism, a common challenge faced by many in their creative process. We’ll look at the many ways perfectionism shows up and tips for navigating this creative block.

Listen to the video above (it’s basically a podcast with a couple of photos) to hear from your host Kathryn Costa about this topic and invitation.

Program Overview

  • Recognizing & Releasing Perfectionism
  • Exploring your Mandala Stories.
  • Creative Approach to Balancing your Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit with the Chakras.
  • Q&A

The webinar recordings are now available in the Sharing Circle.

About Your Host, Kathryn Costa

Kathryn Costa knows the challenges of perfectionism all too well as an engineer’s daughter whose dad raised her to have unrealistically high expectations. Having broken the tight grip of perfectionism, Kathryn wants to help you to have this same creative joy and freedom. Trained as a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, author of The Mandala Guidebook, and ten plus years as a highly creative blogger, Kathryn’s on a mission to help your creative practices to flourish!

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Kathryn Costa is an artist, teacher, and author of "The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art." Kathryn has taught thousands of people how to create mandalas in her popular YouTube videos, workshops, and book. Check out her new line of chakra stencils!


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  2. marinera76 says

    Oh, I’d love to join but I’ve just checked and it’s at 2am here 😛 No worries though, I’ve listenend to the podcast and it’s been helpful already. I’m working with “FlyLady”‘s timer: “I can do it for 15 minutes”. It gives me focus! 15 minutes at a time, I turn off my inner judge, just for 15 minutes “let me do the work”, whatever it is!

    It works! Thanks, Kathryn!

    Marina A. Randich +39 340 2267447


    • I love the power of suggestion or a good question. I’ll be recording it so you can catch the replay. The time was scheduled to accommodate one of my guest speakers who lives in Australia. There is no good time when all three of our time zones line up. Thank goodness for the technology to record it!

      Your suggestion is brilliant. I’ll be passing on this 15 minute tip from you and the “FlyLady.”


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