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October Mandala Challenge

We enter October with the new moon in Libra that focuses on bringing harmony to our relationships. This intention ties in beautifully with the next chakra in our monthly mandala challenge as we move up the chakra ladder from the heart chakra to the throat chakra.

For this month’s challenge, let’s work with the energies and intentions of both the heart and throat chakras as we create our mandala art focused on the relationship that we have with ourselves.

The traditional heart chakra mandala pictured on the left is characterized by the six pointed star, 12 lotus petals and colored emerald green. Light pink is also a color associated with the heart chakra. The throat chakra has a downward pointing triangle with a circle at the center, 16 lotus petals, and in a light sky blue color.

The heart chakra is our love center and the the throat chakra is about expressing ourselves.

When we work with both the heart and throat chakras, the energy and intentions are about speaking from our hearts, expressing ourselves with loving-kindness, and centering ourselves in gentleness, softness, and patience.

Mandala Challenge Part 1
Expressing Ourselves with Loving-Kindness

As you create your mandalas, notice your inner dialogue. Is it critical, judgmental, unkind? Often we are our own worst critics. This month’s challenge is to shift your low frequency thoughts and words into a higher frequency. Easier said than done.

Catch Yourself – The first step is to recognize when you have a negative thought or when you say something that puts yourself or a situation in your life down. The natural reaction here is to catch yourself and then judge the thought, piling on more of the negativity. That’s okay. It takes practice. Catch it and move on to the next step.

Pause – A single, slow deep cleansing breath can interrupt the thought pattern and begin to shift your energy.

Love What Is – Place your hand on your heart and direct the loving energy from this chakra to a place in your body where you’re feeling pain, disappointment, shame, fear, or other physical or emotional tension. Sit with it for a moment. Breathe. Observe with loving-awareness.

Reframe & Affirm – How can you respond to yourself in a way that is kind and understanding? I like to use affirmations as it helps to shift the narrative and focus on the positive. Here are some of the positive things I tell myself when I start judging myself for not taking care of my health:

I listen with love to my body’s messages.
I feel great when I take care of myself.
I enjoy eating foods that are healthy for me.
I can take small steps each day to greater health and vitality.
My body feels stronger and healthier every day.
I’m curious to learn new ways to live a healthy lifestyle.
I admire my friend Nina’s healthy and strong body.

As you soften up on yourself, you’ll feel better and this positive energy will be felt by those around you.

Mandala Challenge Part 2
Create a Mandala with Heart & Throat Chakra Elements

Step 1: Get Centered with Your Intention. At the center of your mandala draw a downward pointing triangle with a circle. Imagine this circle is the area of your throat. Fill the circle with color, a symbol, and/or word that expresses your positive, heart-felt intention.

Step 2: Build Your Design. You are welcome to use my chakra stencils or you can create your mandala using any tools, style, or medium. Follow your heart as you design your mandala. You do not have to draw the throat chakra. Start with the inner triangle and circle and then be inspired by the heart and throat chakras as you create your personal mandala.

Step 3: Color with Intention. Light sky blue colors of the throat chakra convey speaking clearly. Green represents represents healing, growth and health. Pink denotes compassion. Color not to decorate but to convey meaning. What story does your color choices tell?

Step 4: Scan or Photograph.

Step 5: Post in the Mandala Sharing Circle & Tell us your positive affirmation.
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Deadline to Enter is October 31, 2019

Just Getting Started Creating Mandalas?

About the Prize

One person will be selected by Kathryn Costa to win a $35 gift certificate good toward one of these online classes.

Throat Chakra Workshop

Would you like to bring more harmony to your relationships? Perhaps you don’t feel heard or understood? Do you struggle with speaking up for yourself and expressing your opinions with clarity and ease?

Working with the throat chakra supports you in communicating from a place of peace, integrity and wisdom.

Join me for the Throat Chakra Workshop in November as we explore a variety of sound healing modalities and tune in to our inner wisdom around our truths that want to be expressed.

Get the details and register.

Goddess Course Featuring Athena

Speaking of harmonious relationships, the second goddess in the Goddess Course is Athena whose known for her peacemaking skills.

We start the goddess series with Artemis who helps us to tap into our passion and to focus on pursuing our heart’s desire. We learn from Artemis how to use our intuition to guide us. Artemis’ passions can sweep her up either by her strong emotions or by focusing too much on the fun part of her projects and not bringing balance to her life.

In the Athena Goddess Retreat, you’ll receive three gifts from Athena – a compass, a shield, and a wing to help you to implement her winning strategies. These gifts can be applied to a personal or professional goal. We call upon Athena when we’ve “lost our head” and need to cool things down to look at a situation in our life objectively.

This is a fascinating course that will open your eyes to not only looking at yourself and your situations differently but offers practical ways to call upon the strengths of the goddesses to serve you in bringing harmony to your relationships. Add to all of this practical stuff, we create art inspired by the goddesses to help us to remember their wisdom.

Athena Goddess Retreats – Now enrolling for November 1 & 2, 2019
Artemis Goddess Retreats – Last call for October 4 or October 11, 2019

Get the Details and Register

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