Author: Kathryn Costa

Labyrinth Mandala Art Online Retreat

Awaken your creativity and reflect on your life’s path. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to draw a labyrinth in the medieval style inspired by the labyrinth found at the Cathedral of Chartres, France. Once drawn, we’ll “walk” along the path by adding color and journal writing. This is a lovely activity that will give you time to reflect on where you’re at on your life’s journey.

April Mandala Challenge

This month’s mandala challenge was inspired by an email that I received from Chel who recently completed the “Make Ten Challenge” in my Mandala Drawing I Course. In the course, there are ten lessons and I encourage students to create ten variations for each lesson. This is an opportunity to explore the many possibilities by experimenting with color, form, and various mediums. When taking the Drawing I class and finishing the challenge, you’ve completed the 100 Mandalas Challenge. I totally enjoyed the challenge. I bet I could do it again and come with 100 different ones. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world! ~ Chel Congratulations Chel!You’re accomplishment is the inspiration for the April Mandala Challenge. Challenge Details Step 1: Pick a mandala lesson from the Mandala Drawing I course. Not enrolled in the Mandala Drawing I course?Find a free sample lesson in the Mandala Sharing Circle. Not a member of the Sharing Circle?Let’s change that. It’s free to join. Enroll here. Step 2: Create ten variations of the mandala design from Step 1. …