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Welcome to the Circle

Welcome to and the home of the 100 Mandalas Challenge & Community hosted by Kathryn Costa. If you are interested in drawing, coloring, or working with mandalas, then you’ve arrived at the right place!

Are you new here?

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Root Chakra Art Workshop at The Artisans Exchange

Enjoy a relaxing and fun evening in the Root Chakra Art Workshop at The Artisans Exchange in Chelmsford, MA. Learn about the chakras and how creating root chakra art can help you to feel grounded, secure, and peaceful. No drawing or art experience needed. Beginners welcome!

Chakras are energy centers in the body where energy is stored, regulated, and distributed. There are seven main chakras that run along the spine and each chakra has a specific tone and quality that impacts our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

About Chakras

Chakras are energy centers in the body where energy is stored, regulated, and distributed. There are seven main chakras that run along the spine and each chakra has a specific tone and quality that impacts our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

About the Root Chakra Workshop

You’ll learn about the root chakra as you create art that will help you to feel grounded, secure, and peaceful.

In this workshop experience you’ll:

Root Chakra Meditation - Let go of the stress, to do lists, and busy schedule in a relaxing meditation.

Let go of the stress, to do lists, and busy schedule in a relaxing meditation. 

Root Chakra Checklist - Discover at a glance how your root chakra is affecting your body, mind, and spirit.

Discover at a glance how your root chakra is affecting your body, mind, and spirit.

Root Chakra Stencil - Quickly and easily draw the root chakra mandala using a stencil designed by Kathryn Costa for StencilGirl Products.

Quickly and easily draw the root chakra mandala using a stencil
designed by Kathryn Costa for StencilGirl Products.

Add color, patterns, and uplifting words to create your root chakra art. 

About the Instructor

Kathryn Costa loves to open the door to creative joy especially for those who don’t believe they are creative or think they can draw. Known as an instigator of creativity, she has taught thousands how to draw mandalas in her popular YouTube videos, workshops, and book. She is the designer of the Chakra Stencils by StencilGirl Products and the author of, “The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art.”

The Finer Details

Thursday, July 11, 2019
6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

The Artisans Exchange
24 Central Square, Chelmsford, MA

$40 includes all supplies

Register by phone: (978) 643-3033
Register by email:

Enjoy a relaxing and fun evening in the Root Chakra Art Workshop at The Artisans Exchange in Chelmsford, MA. Learn about the chakras and how creating root chakra art can help you to feel grounded, secure, and peaceful. No drawing or art experience needed. Beginners welcome!

Creating Mandalas for Art & Inspiration at Omega

In the video above, Kathryn Costa explains how creating mandalas is so much more than creating pretty pictures. When we step before the circle we get centered, immerse in color, patterns, and beauty. We slow down and listen to our intuition and inner wise self.

This creating and connecting leads to deep insights and answers. We often don’t have time to ask let alone answer in our busy daily lives.

Meeting yourself where you’re at, this is the gift you give yourself when you step before the circle.

Join mandala artist and teacher Kathryn Costa at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY June 30 to July 5, 2019 for a week-long mandala art program where each day you’ll create and connect.

Mandala Program At-A-Glance

Soul Journey Meditations. We begin each day with a guided meditation. It’s a great way to “arrive” to the day, releasing any stress, awakening creative flow, and listening to your inner wise self. When asked what participants love about my workshops they consistently remark how much they look forward to the meditations. Insights often emerge from the meditation and are carried through in the artwork.

Mandala Art Projects. You’ll explore a wide range of techniques for creating mandalas including sacred geometry, chakras, labyrinths, and expressive arts. Participants with no drawing experience are amazed at what they create as they are guided with clear step-by-step instructions. While everyone starts with the same project, the final results are exciting as each mandala is different and beautiful reflecting the uniqueness of the person who created it.

Slip into the Creative Zone. Plenty of time is built into the day for savoring the experience of creating your mandala art.

Mandala Program at Omega Institute in 2018.

I’m in! Looking forward to this so much! Omega during Arts Week is like Summer Camp for adults. It’s the best way to relax your body, inspire your creativity and rejuvenate your spirit! Looking forward to meeting you! – Patty M.

Get More Details and Register

Omega Institute

The Omega Institute is located in Rhinebeck, NY. The campus features beautiful gardens, walking paths, meditation sanctuary, lake, Ram Dass library, cafe, and store.

Your stay is all inclusive with three healthy meals each day.

Get More Details and Register

Get More Details and Register

June Mandala Challenge – Root Chakra Inspired Mandalas

This month’s mandala challenge is inspired by the root chakra. Watch the video below to get the details on this month’s challenge and to watch a demo using Kathryn’s new root chakra stencil.

Challenge Details

Step 1: Create a mandala inspired by the root chakra.

Include both of these elements in your mandala:

Use the color red

At least 50% of your mandala needs to be in red tones. You may work with any other colors to accent the red.

Include an element of four

At the center of the traditional root chakra we see a square and four lotus petals. For your mandala, there are many options. Here are a few ideas.

  • Divide the circle into four quadrants.
  • Add four petal flowers to your design.
  • Create a root chakra mandala.

Step 2: Scan or Photograph Your Art

Step 3: Post in the Mandala Sharing Circle

  • The Mandala Sharing Circle is a free website for mandala enthusiasts. Join for Free.
  • Members Log-in Here.
  • Post as many entries as you are inspired to create.
  • Deadline June 30, 2019


Read Official Contest Rules

Products Used in the Video

Please note that I am an affiliate for Amazon and Arteza which means that when you make a purchase I get a small commission at no additional charge to you. 

Chakra Stencils by Kathryn Costa

Chakra Stencils designed by Kathryn Costa for StencilGirl Products

Rooted in the yogic tradition, chakras are part of our energetic body. There are seven main chakras located along the spine where energy is stored, regulated, and distributed. Each chakra has a specific tone that relates to targeted areas of the body and has a distinct effect on our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Each chakra mandala is characterized by a geometric pattern, surrounded by a specific number of lotus petals that involve careful measuring and planning to draw.

Kathryn Costa’s chakra stencils save you time drawing the chakra art so you can focus on your wellness intentions as you add your own patterns, color, and creative flair to the classic chakra designs.

Working with Chakra Stencils
as a Wellness & Spiritual Practice

Kathryn’s work with chakras began one fateful day when her jeans unexpectedly split while at a women’s wellness weekend. In that moment, Kathryn had a decision to make – buy another pair of jeans or focus on her health to fit into a smaller pair of jeans waiting for her in the closet. Deciding on the wellness journey, Kathryn sought out a holistic approach that was more than counting calories. 

As a mandala artist, Kathryn was curious to explore charka art not realizing how this journey would open up a new path of healing with color, sound, movement, food, sacred geometry, intentions and affirmations.

Kathryn uses her chakra stencils as part of a daily mindfulness and spiritual practice. As she sits in her favorite chair, she puts on some meditation music, spends a few moments to get centered and asks the question, “What needs my attention?” Then she reaches for a chakra stencil that will help her to explore what’s showing up. After tracing the chakra, she then fills the design with patterns, color, and/or journal writing as she tunes in to listen to her inner wise self.

Root Chakra Stencil

Create root chakra art to help you feel grounded and secure.

Sanskrit Name: Muladhara
Color: Red
Element: Earth
Affirmation: I am


Sacral Charka

Create sacral chakra art to activate your creativity and bring more delight and play to your life.

Sanskrit Name: Svadisthana
Color: Orange
Element: Water
Affirmation: I feel


Solar Plexus Chakra

Create solar plexus chakra art to boost your confidence, explore your why, or when deciding on what’s next in your life.  

Sanskrit Name: Manipura
Color: Yellow
Element: Fire
Affirmation: I can


Heart Chakra

Create heart chakra art any time you need to bring gentleness, loving-kindness, and compassion to a situation in your life.

Sanskrit Name: Anahata
Color: Green
Element: Air
Affirmation: I love


Throat Chakra

Create throat chakra art when you need help speaking up or finding the right words to express yourself.

Sanskrit Name: Vishuddha
Color: Light Blue
Element: Sound
Affirmation: I express



Third-Eye Chakra

Create third-eye chakra when you are seeking answers and want to tap into your intuitive wisdom. 

Sanskrit Name: Ajna
Color: Indigo
Element: Light
Affirmation: I see


Crown Chakra

Create crown chakra art when you want to open up your spiritual connection to the Divine and all living things.

Sanskrit Name: Sahasrara
Color: Violet or White
Element: Thought
Affirmation: I know


About Kathryn Costa

Kathryn Costa’s work centers around soulful and creative living. Kathryn has taught thousands how to draw mandalas in her YouTube videos, workshops, online courses, and her book, “The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art.” Alongside mandalas, Kathryn works with collage, vision journaling, SoulCollage, and photography for self expression, insight, and healing. Kathryn brings her passion for the expressive and contemplative arts to the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, Kripalu in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains and various other locations around the country.

Labyrinth Mandala Art Online Retreat

What do labyrinths and the expressive arts have in common? Both offer us the time and space to unplug from the busyness and distractions of our daily lives.

Based on a spiral, a labyrinth is a path that leads to a center point. Unlike a maze, you can’t get lost in a labyrinth – there is only one way in and one way out.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to draw a labyrinth in the medieval style inspired by the labyrinth found at the Cathedral of Chartres, France. Once drawn, we’ll “walk” along the path by adding color and journal writing. This is a lovely activity that will give you time to reflect on where you’re at on your life’s journey.

What you’ll get in this retreat experience.

  • Time dedicated to your creativity and for reflecting on your life’s path.
  • Explore how to use labyrinths for meditation, discernment, setting intentions and manifesting.
  • Creating in a lovely community that provides love and support for your journey.
  • Step-by-Step instructions on how to draw a labyrinth inspired by the medieval style labyrinth found at Chartres Cathedral.
  • Beautifully designed handouts for future reference.
  • Attend one of the two live sessions or access the recordings.
  • Instructional how-to video
  • Guided Meditation mp3 to download

What you’ll need.

  • Compass
  • Ruler
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Journal or Notebook
  • Paper (at least 8″ x 8″)
  • Your Favorite Drawing & Coloring Supplies
  • Computer or mobile device like tablet or smartphone if you want to participate in the live session. We connect up on Zoom and you’ll need your audio and video enabled.

Finer Details

After registering choose from one of these online retreat dates:

  • Friday, May 31, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 1 p.m., EST
  • Friday, May 31, 2019 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., EST
  • Saturday, June 1, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 1 p.m., EST
  • You’ll get lifetime access to the recordings on June 3rd.

$35 regular rate
$25 when you register on or before May 4th use code earlybird

>>Register Now

April Mandala Challenge

This month’s mandala challenge was inspired by an email that I received from Chel who recently completed the “Make Ten Challenge” in my Mandala Drawing I Course. In the course, there are ten lessons and I encourage students to create ten variations for each lesson. This is an opportunity to explore the many possibilities by experimenting with color, form, and various mediums. When taking the Drawing I class and finishing the challenge, you’ve completed the 100 Mandalas Challenge.

I totally enjoyed the challenge. I bet I could do it again and come with 100 different ones. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world! ~ Chel

Congratulations Chel!
You’re accomplishment is the inspiration for the April Mandala Challenge.

Monthly Mandala Challenge for April - Make Ten Mandalas

Challenge Details

Step 1: Pick a mandala lesson from the Mandala Drawing I course.

Not enrolled in the Mandala Drawing I course?
Find a free sample lesson in the Mandala Sharing Circle.

Not a member of the Sharing Circle?
Let’s change that. It’s free to join. Enroll here.

Step 2: Create ten variations of the mandala design from Step 1.

Start with your favorite color combination and then vary it. Maybe challenge yourself to start with a color that you rarely use. For those who have taken the Color I course, here’s a great opportunity to apply some of those lessons.

There are so many ways to fill the shapes and spaces within the mandala. Repeating patterns, random patterns, the possibilities are endless.

Outline the shape with dashed, dotted, solid lines. Vary the colors.

Try using different backgrounds. In this example layers of scrapbook paper add interesting patterns and colors. Lace trim adds a fun dimension and unexpected element.

Start with the original mandala design and keep going. Let your imagination run wild!

Step 3: Create a collage of your ten mandalas.

Scan or photograph your ten mandalas and arrange them in a collage. is a free online resource that’s easy to use. Drag and drop your images and arrange them how you’d like.

Add some text to include your name and “100 Mandalas April Challenge.”

In the comments for your post tell us which lesson from the Drawing I course you worked with to create your mandala series.

Here is an example of a collage created using

Special thanks to Kate Stimson, Jishna Kapadia, Toni Crow, Janet Burdett, Karen Vasudev, Chris Van Reeth, Chel, Donna Hamilton, Jimilyn Butt, and Emanuela Chihaia for the use of your mandalas. These mandalas were originally created as part of the 2017 Mandalafest event.

Step 4: Post Your Entry by April 30, 2019

Post your finished collage in the Mandala Sharing Circle.
Deadline on or before April 30, 2019

Not a member of the Sharing Circle?
Let’s change that. It’s free to join. Enroll here.

One person will be randomly selected to win a set of 60 Arteza Gel Pens.

Read Official Contest Rules

Product Review & Demo: Arteza Colored Pencils

When Arteza asked me what products I would be interested in trying out for a product review, I was curious to compare their colored pencils with the woodless colored pencils.

I look for four things in colored pencils:

  • color selection
  • vibrancy
  • blendability
  • price
Watch this video to see how these two colored pencil sets from Arteza pass the
“Kathryn Costa test.”

If you are interested in these or other Arteza products, you’ll find a coupon in the show notes below.

Show Notes & Related Links

Join Kathryn in Bali, Peru, India, Omega Institute, Kripalu and more!

For more product demos and lessons on creating color harmony:

Discover the healing properties of color in the chakra workshops.

We’d love to see you in our online community for mandala enthusiasts. It’s FREE!

code: 100Mandalas2
valid until April 25, 2019







Disclosure: The products in this video have been provided to me by Arteza for free for my review. Also, I have linked products on Arteza website, where I participate in the Affiliate Program, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. The Gamsol and blending stumps were purchased from Amazon and I participate in the Amazon Affiliate program. Money received from these affiliations is used to support the Sharing Circle to purchase prizes for monthly contests.

Mindfulness Mandala Art Workshops at Studio 550

I am so thrilled to announce that I have found a spot right here in my home city of Manchester, NH to offer mandala art classes on a regular basis. Studio 550 Art Center is conveniently located in downtown Manchester, NH on Elm Street.

Mindfulness Mandala Art Classes are offered monthly on a Tuesday night and runs 2 to 3 hours depending on the lesson.

Each workshop features

  • a mandala art lesson
  • guided meditation to gently awaken your creativity
  • demonstrations and easy to follow step-by-step instructions
  • a theme to create mandala art for self expression and insight

If it’s your first workshop, you’ll get the Introduction to Creating Mandala Art lesson. If you’ve taken a class before, you’ll get to pick from a selection of projects.

What’s a mandala?

Mandala with it’s roots in the Hindu and Buddhist cultures is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to mean circle or center. Typically the shapes and colors are arranged in a symmetrical pattern “radiating” from the center point. The circle has captured the fascination of artists across all cultures. We see examples of circular art forms in cathedral stained glass windows, Celtic spirals, Navajo sand paintings, and the Chinese Yin Yang.

In contemporary mandala art, any design within a circle is considered a mandala. Often contemporary mandalas are created for self expression, insight, and healing.

The Mindfulness Mandala Art Classes at Studio 550 Art Center explore a wide range of artistic styles, cultural motifs, and contemplative themes.

Each participant begins with the same starting point and ends with a unique work of art
in the Opening the Door to Mandala Art Lesson.
Introduction to Creating Mandala Art
Each participant begins with the same starting point and ends with a unique work of art.

Mindfulness Mandala Art Workshop

Give yourself an afternoon or evening of relaxation and play. Immerse yourself in beauty, color and form in a practice that fosters mindfulness and awakens your creativity. The mandala is a circular art form that anyone can learn how to draw. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to construct a traditional style mandala. Each participant begins with the same starting point and ends with a unique work of art.

Share the creative joy and invite a friend!

Mary Tanzer (r) holding her very first mandala with Kathryn Costa (l) holding her book, “The Mandala Guidebook.”

Mindfulness Mandala Art Workshop
Studio 550 Art Center, 550 Elm Street, Manchester, NH
Limited spaces
3-hour workshop
Includes all tools and supplies
No art experience required

Click on the session below to register.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019Evening Session (6:00 to 9:00 pm)

Subscribe to newsletter for announcements of new workshop dates.

Share the creative joy and invite a friend!

About the Instructor

Kathryn Costa is an artist, writer and educator whose passion can be summed up in three little words, “create and connect.” Kathryn’s workshops help people to find clarity, let go of fear, embrace their dreams and explore their creativity. Kathryn has opened the door to creative joy to thousands of people from 175 countries in her workshops, YouTube videos, and book, “The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint and Color Expressive Mandala Art.” She lives in New Hampshire with her Brazilian husband Fernando.

March Mandala Challenge

In life we are faced with many confrontations, in this mandala project you literally stand your ground.

I’ve done this mandala project many times in the Great Round course where you trace your feet, draw concentric circles around them and add color, form, and sometimes journal writing. Working on this type of mandala, these questions come to mind:

“Where do I stand on a situation?”

“Do I need to take a stand?”

“What do I stand for?”

The idea to feature this project came to mind one day recently while driving home from a visit to court. A contractor failed to pay my husband for his beautiful hardwood flooring work. Although the case was rescheduled to the end of April, I sat in the courtroom to watch and learn about the process. There were some steps that the court clerk explained that we needed to do before we returned in two months.

Not even halfway home, I had my phone out doing the necessary research. I was feeling fired up, excited, and confident. Seeing how fair and calm the judge was, put me at ease. Watching how the process works and knowing what to expect also helped me to feel prepared to navigate this situation. I felt myself so empowered to stand by my husband and to stand up for what I know to be right. As I did my internet research, I felt my inner Athena, the goddess of civilization and justice come forth and my solar plexus chakra energized.

Pictured above is the “Standing on My Holy Ground” mandala that features a solar plexus chakra at the center. The solar plexus is all about knowing your worth, expecting only the very best, having clarity and confidence around a situation, setting healthy boundaries, and taking action. Wow! I truly have this chakra activated. Watch out! 

To put empowering words to my feelings, I pulled out my deck of cards from the Virtues Project. Words, phrases, and affirmations fill the my feet and run along the rings emanating from where I stand.

I speak my truth with peaceful confidence.

I am worthy of respect.

I ask for what I need with simple, positive requests.

I rise to the challenge.

I stand up for what I believe is right.

Now It’s Your Turn to Take a Stand!

Create a “Standing on Your Holy Ground” Mandala

What You’ll Need

  • Piece of paper large enough to trace both of your feet.
  • You may need to tape a couple of pieces together. Use any color or type of paper.
  • Round objects of various sizes. (optional)
  • Large compass (optional)
  • Tack and string (9” or so) (optional)
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Your favorite coloring supplies
  • Notebook or journal

Step 1: Think about a confrontational situation in your life.

The situation may be something you need to take a stand on. Do you need to speak up for yourself? Maybe something happened in your past and you regret not standing up for yourself or a current situation that needs your attention. The situation may be about a personal relationship, professional in nature, or a political topic. It may be something you’ve been avoiding and it’s time to face it and take the next step. This project gives you the opportunity to explore where you stand and what’s important to you.

Step 2: Stand on the piece of paper and trace both of your feet.

Be sure to have some space between your feet.

You may be barefoot or wear shoes.

You may find it easier to sit in a chair and lean down to trace your feet or ask someone to trace them for you.

Step 3: Draw concentric circles starting between the foot tracings.

The circles can be any size. You can draw as many as you like.

There are many ways to draw the circles using a compass or tracing round objects.

You may even want to draw your circles freehand for an organic rather than geometric look. I love this method.

Another way to draw large circles is to tie a string to a pin that is placed at the center of the circle and tie the other end to your pencil. As you draw, be sure to keep the string taut.

Step 4: Fill in with more details and colors.

Use your favorite mediums to color and add details to your mandala.

Consider using bold contrasting colors to convey tension. Complimentary colors are great options: red & green, yellow & violet, blue & orange, black & white with spot bold colors.

Try not to be influenced by the samples that you see posted on this page. Follow your own intuition as to how you’ll add color and form to reflect how you are feeling. This is not a time to copy what you see.

Step 5: Observe your thoughts and feelings.

As you work on your mandala, notice your thoughts and feelings about the process of creating this mandala as well as the situation you thought of in Step 1. Record these observations in your notebook or journal. Consider journal writing along the concentric circles about your situation. Allow all of your feelings to spill out onto the page.

Step 6: Meditate on your finished mandala.

Spend some time looking at your mandala. Since you’ve been working so closely on it, prop it up and stand back to see how all of the details and colors come together. Try standing on the mandala placing your feet where you’ve traced them. Stand tall. What do you see? How do the lines around your feet look to you?What does it tell you?

Consider these questions:

Pull out a notebook or journal and reflect on your mandala art and mandala story.

  • What do the colors that you chose tell you about yourself and your standpoint?
  • Looking at the feet, what do the colors tell you as you compare them to the rest of the mandala? How would you describe them?
  • When you stand on your mandala, what do you see and how do you feel?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable or confident taking a stand? Why?
  • What is your next step in this situation?

Enter to Win!

1. Photograph your mandala.

2. Post it in the Sharing Circle on or before March 31, 2019.

Not a member? Join Here

3. One person will be randomly selected to win a copy of Susanne Fincher’s book, “Coloring Mandalas for Confidence, Energy, and Purpose.”

Solar Plexus Chakra Retreat

Working with your solar plexus chakra is a great way to gain clarity, boost your confidence, set clear boundaries, and take action. 

Do you love getting fun mail?

When you sign up for the Solar Plexus Chakra Workshop, you’ll get a gorgeous envelope in the mail and tucked inside are various things we’ll use in the workshop. Here is a peek at some of what you get in the Solar Plexus Chakra Workshop envelope.

Solar Plexus Chakra Retreat
March 23, 2019
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., EST

Can’t attend live? Get instant access to the presentation recordings.

Learn More + Register

Last Call for Great Round Course 2019!

If you enjoyed the first three challenges for this year, you’ll love the Great Round Course. Over 100 mandala projects and twelve themes are part of the course. Note, this is the last sample project that will be featured this year. Although the course opened up on February, you can still sign up. Enrollment closes on March 31, 2019. I may not offer this course in 2020 depending on my travel schedule.

Get the Details + Enroll

Coffee Talk: Giving Your Personal Power Away? Let’s Chat

My first “Coffee Talk” on perfectionism had such a great response, I’m inspired to keep offering them. This month’s topic kept showing up and wanted to join our next conversation. It’s all about recognizing when you give your personal power away and what you can do to change it.

Here are several signs you may be giving your power away:

  • Saying “Yes” to everyone when deep down wanting to say “no.” Learn how important it is to say “yes!” to you. You’re so worth it.
  • Looking to others for advice rather than trusting what you believe to be what’s right for you.
  • Your self worth depends on the opinion of others.
  • You’re hypersensitive to criticism.
  • Blaming, Complaining, Holding Grudges, Poor Boundaries.

In this heart to heart “virtual” coffee chat, Kathryn Costa shares the story of how saying, “yes!” to her and “no” to an offer that didn’t value her worth was a huge turning point that led to an unexpected dream invitation to teach in Bali, Peru, and India. Learn how empowering yourself opens doors.

Giving Your Personal Power Away, Here's How You Can Take It Back

Program Overview

  • Recognizing the Signs: How You’re Giving Your Personal Power Away
  • What You Can Do: Empowering Practices to Own It & Celebrate It
  • Take the Challenge: Stand on Your Holy Ground Mandala Project

Program Recording

The recording of this program is now available in the Sharing Circle, a free membership website hosted by Kathryn Costa.

About Your Host, Kathryn Costa

Kathryn Costa knows what it’s like to feel powerless and to give her personal power away. She also knows what its like to feel empowered, to stand in her truth, and to confidently go after her dreams. And, Kathryn wants to help you to have this same clarity and confidence. Trained as a Soul Coach, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, and author of The Mandala Guidebook, Kathryn’s on a mission to help your soulful and creative practices to flourish!