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Welcome to the Circle

Welcome to and the home of the 100 Mandalas Challenge & Community hosted by Kathryn Costa. If you are interested in drawing, coloring, or working with mandalas, then you’ve arrived at the right place!

Are you new to the 100 Mandalas Challenge?

You may want to start with these links:

Current Workshops & Programs

  • At Kripalu: Creating Mandalas for an Inspired Year – Begin your year feeling inspired, creating mandala art, and nourishing your body, mind and spirit. Kripalu is a world-renowned yoga and health center and perfect setting for a mandala weekend. December 29, 2017 – January 1, 2018
  • Mandalafest – FREE online workshop and party with contests and prizes. October 14 – 22, 2017

Life as a Mandala: Discovering that you’ve come full circle

Do you see signs and patterns in your life?

I do.

Last week I discovered that I’ve come full circle.

Over Columbus Day weekend, I traveled over 400 miles down to Pennsylvania to facilitate a mandala workshop. It was just a few days before heading down that I realized that three years ago on the very same weekend, I was in Pennsylvania. My husband and I were driving when I thought up the idea for the 100 Mandalas Challenge and a how-to book for drawing mandalas.

When I think of the anniversary of this occasion, I’ve always focused on when I launched the 100 Mandalas Challenge, not when I thought it up. I mark the occasion with an online celebration called Mandalafest.

It hadn’t dawned on me the significance of the previous weekend until now. Keep in mind that in my adult life, I’ve only been to Pennsylvania three times and this was the third visit. So you can imagine my surprise when I noticed a pattern that I was heading back to Pennsylvania to the “scene of the crime.”

I didn’t plan this incredible weekend, it planned itself.

What makes this occasion even more incredible was that it was originally scheduled for a different weekend and my original purpose for going to Pennsylvania was to take my 81-year old stepmother to visit her family and friends. Scheduling conflicts changed the date and my stepmother backed out of the trip. Even with all of these changes that felt a wee bit chaotic, I was steadfast in my decision to head down for the mandala workshop. There were people who signed up and I wasn’t about to let anyone down.

I’m so glad I continued on this path…

Recognizing this pattern gave me the nod and affirmation that I needed to go as planned. This wasn’t any ordinary mandala workshop, it was a milestone.


It was a milestone that called for a mandala cake.

I contacted my friend who was hosting the workshop and told her the story. I asked her to order a cake and e-mailed her the artwork and instructions for the baker.


The 100 Mandalas Compass Rose was the perfect image.

Even now as I type this I’m in awe as I see all of the pieces falling into place. Back in January, I invite participants of the online January Mandala Retreat to contribute a piece to the annual 100 Mandalas Community Mandala. Each person is e-mailed a piece and asked to use a specific color. They embellish it and write in their word-for-the-year.

Each year the design is different and participants have no idea what it will look like. All they see is their shape. After coloring and embellishing the piece, they scan it and send it back to me.

The Meaning of the Compass Rose

The compass rose has appeared on charts and maps since the 1300’s when the portolan charts first made their appearance. The term “rose” comes from the figure’s compass points resembling the petals of the well-known flower.

Originally, this device was used to indicate the directions of the winds, but the 32 points of the compass rose come from the directions of the eight major winds, the eight half-winds and the sixteen quarter-winds. 

source: The Compass Company

The 100 Mandalas Compass Rose is a navigational tool to help you find your “true north.” Your “true north” is your unique path in life. Humor, acceptance, steadiness, peace, hope, focus, believe are some of the many inspirational words in the 100 Mandalas Compass Rose intended to help the seeker to find their way and know which direction to travel.


New Traditions Are Born

Each year the Community Mandala Project designed in January will be the artwork used for the annual Mandalafest celebration. Pictured above you’ll see the gorgeous mandala printed on two notebooks that are prizes for this year’s event.


Moving forward, I will also host a womens’ retreat on Columbus Day weekend where we’ll create mandalas.


It will be a great opportunity to create art, make friends, and in the quiet moments notice the patterns in our lives.

I have an idea for a location for the next anniversary mandala retreat that will be on Columbus Day Weekend (October 5, 6, and 7, 2018). I will scout it out and announce the date and location in November in my e-mail newsletter. Watch for it!


Turning Towards the Journey

I’m noticing even more pieces to this puzzle story. During Mandalafest, the featured lesson from the Great Round course is about “Turning Towards the Journey.” It’s a great theme for anyone who feels like they are about to embark on something new. It may be a new project, career, relationship, or stage in life.

For me the long drive home from Pennsylvania gave me time to ponder what’s next. I came back feeling renewed and excited. I have a BIG announcement as I “turn towards the journey.” The announcement is one that my mandala family has been asking me about over the last three years. I can’t spill it just yet. I hope you’ll be able to join me for the Mandalafest Finale on October 22, 2017. I have lots of prizes to giveaway and this is when I’ll make the announcement.

I’ve missed blogging.

One final piece to my full circle story is that I will resume sharing my stories and reflections in blog posts. Before I started the 100 Mandalas Challenge, I was a creative and active blogger for six years. These last three years have pulled me in the direction of supporting the 100 Mandalas Challenge that included the weekly newsletter, online courses and the Sharing Circle. I poured hours into writing and marketing my book, “The Mandala Guidebook.” I’ve missed blogging. I’ve missed getting up early for my “morning retreats” to write about life.

Now feels like the right time to come home to blogging.

This is the first blog post. I’m not sure how frequently I’ll post but at a minimum it will be monthly. My blog posts will be about my creative and artful life and my philosophical take on it all.

I want to hear from you.

In the comments below, let me know if you found a nugget of inspiration in this post. Do you have a question you’d like to ask? Ask away! I may use it as the topic for my next blog post.

As always, it is a pleasure to connect with you in this digital space.

It feels good to come home.

{soul hugs}


PS – Mandalafest begins this weekend and runs all week. And, don’t worry if you can’t participate every day or in every contest. Show up when you can. Who knows, you may discover a piece to your “coming full circle story.”

PSS – If you want a closer look at all of the pieces in the 100 Mandalas Compass Rose, you can see them here.

At Kripalu: Creating Mandalas for an Inspired Year

Imagine beginning the new year with a weekend focused entirely on you, creating mandala art, reflecting on where you’re at in life, connecting with your body through gentle movement and nourishing food – and all of this set in a gorgeous natural setting.


Join Kathryn Costa on New Year’s Eve weekend at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in the breathtaking Berkshire mountains in Massachusetts.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to mean “circle” or “center.” Creating mandala art is a powerful practice that fosters self expression, balance, and well-being.

Creating Mandalas for an Inspired Year

In this program, you’ll:

  • Learn techniques for constructing a variety of mandala styles based on sacred geometry, labyrinths, and nature.
  • Honor 2017 reflecting on the joys, challenges, and a-ha moments from the year.
  • Explore what you want to say “yes” to and set intentions for 2018.
  • Nourish your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Create beautiful mandala art that is as unique as you.
  • Start your year feeling centered and connected to yourself and your purpose.
  • Return home with completed artwork and practical tips for continuing your mandala practice long after this retreat.

December 29, 2017–January 1, 2018
Friday–Monday: 3 nights

For everyone, no art experience required.
Art supplies included.
View schedule.

Learn More and Register

Inspired Vision Retreat

What is calling you?
What do you desire for this next year?

It’s January 1st, and you’re full of ideas about things you want to do differently this year. You may make an ambitious list of goals and New Year’s resolutions. But in the back of your mind, you also know that
you’ll forget all about them by next week, or next month.

You’re not alone.

Let’s toss out the New Year’s resolutions and set an intention for 2018.

A single word is powerful.

They can set us back, slow us down, and even stop us dead in our tracks.
Or, they can inspire us to forge ahead, make healthy choices, and
focus on the positive.


As you consider the year ahead, what needs your attention right now?

What word will you select to inspire and guide you?

Let’s discover this together.


The Inspired Vision Retreat:
a nourishing and playful approach to finding clarity

Course Begins: Sunday, January 7, 2018
Course Ends: Sunday, January 20, 2018

“A retreat is a time to step back and take a new look at our lives. It is not so much a time to learn new things as to remember and feel again some of the things we have forgotten. It is a time to be lovingly attentive to the needs of the soul.”

~ Macrina Wiederkehr, “The Song of the Seed”

In this unique two-week online class you’ll:

  • Discover your word-for-the-year that resonates with your deepest desire for 2018.
  • Transform any ordinary moment into a nourishing “retreat moment.”
  • Find clarity and focus. You can use these activities again and again any time you’re feeling blocked on a project or seeking direction in life.
  • Meet Inspired Seekers from all over the world who are taking this course.
  • Begin 2018 feeling focused and inspired.


Use code MANDALAFEST to get $10 off!
expires October 31, 2017


Week 1:
5 Lessons to Discover Your Word & Vision for 2018

Each lesson begins with a video introduction and includes
gorgeous worksheets and fun downloads.

You’ll relax and color in the mandala art found in the worksheets. The mandalas (lovely circular designs) are perfect containers for writing in the words that you’ll collect. Now, if you love to draw your own mandalas, you’re encouraged to pull out your drawing supplies and create your own designs to complete the activities. Please know that this isn’t a how-to-draw-mandalas course, it’s more of a how-to-use-mandalas course.

While there are many “find your word-for-the-year” resources on the web, these are often published by writers and appeal to thinker/wordy types. This course, designed by an artist + writer, offers you a selection of playful activities that incorporate inspiring words, thoughtful prompts, and gorgeous visuals.

Lesson 1: Retreat Moments
Learn how to create your own personal retreats

Lesson 2: Word Audition
It’s hard to pick just one word and you don’t have to, just yet. This fun activity gets you collecting words and considering what you truly desire. Let the audition begin!

Lesson 3: Scavenger Hunt
Do you notice signs and patterns in your life? This activity opens you up to see and read the signs.

Lesson 4: A Thinker’s Approach
There is nothing like a good question to carry with you for the day. This activity offers a variety of prompts to reflect on as you consider what’s next.

Lesson 5: Dream Wheel Collages
Think vision board only in a circle. The circular shape transforms the vision board collage into a work of art with a sense of balance and centeredness. Kathryn shares her process for creating beautiful collages. Watch her work in the video and you’ll learn the elements of design and how they can be used to not only create a vision board but a work of art you’ll love to hang in your home or office.

Week 2:
Time to Uncover Your Word

You get all of the lessons and activities in Week 1. Week 2 is reserved for you to complete the activities that interest you most. You may choose to do all of the activities or do one or two.

We’ll check in a couple of times and wrap up with some tips on
how to stay inspired by your word throughout the year.

Finale Webinar

Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 3:00 p.m., EST

During the interactive webinar, participants will show their favorite project and declare their word-for-the-year. It is a great celebration and way to kick-off 2018. If you can’t make it to the live event, it will be recorded.


Be a Part of the 2018 Community Mandala Project

Inspired Vision Retreat participants get an exclusive invitation to participant in the annual 100 Mandalas Community Mandala.  Each participant is given a piece of a mandala to color, doodle, and record their word-for-the-year. Participants scan and return their piece that is worked into the final design. The final mandala is a powerful symbol of love and inspiration. Participants feel like they are part of a global community when they see their piece alongside the pieces from other mandala enthusiasts around the world. Pictured above are the group mandalas from previous years.


Use code MANDALAFEST to get $10 off!
expires October 31, 2017

You are an Inspired Seeker if…

  • You don’t like New Year’s resolutions and you want to find a playful alternative to starting your year inspired.
  • You love words and find inspiration in them.
  • You want a plan for creating nourishing personal retreats that you can take when life gets stressful.
  • Participating in a two-week course fits in your busy schedule.

What You’ll Need

  1. Computer or mobile device with internet access.
  2. Computer or mobile device with a video camera and mic. Most computers and mobile devices have these features. (Required to participate in the interactive webinar.)
  3. Printer to print the worksheets and fun downloads.
  4. Notebook or journal and pen.
  5. Magazines, large poster board or piece of cardboard or paper (18″ or greater), scissors, glue stick.
  6. Your favorite coloring supplies: colored pencils, markers, gel pens…
  7. An open mind and curiosity.

Other Details

  • Unlimited access to the course materials for the year. Don’t worry if you haven’t completed the activities within the timeframe of the course. You’ll have access to all of the videos, worksheets, and downloads after the course is over.
  • The online classroom is easy to navigate and check off the lessons as you complete them.
  • Participants can post photos of their projects and comments similar the way we post photos and comments on Facebook. Note this is not a Facebook group.


Use code MANDALAFEST to get $10 off!
expires October 31, 2017

About the Course Creator

Kathryn CostaHi I’m Kathryn Costa, the host of the 100 Mandalas Challenge and the author of “The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art.”

I’ve been selecting a word-for-the-year for many years. Sometimes it is just a single word and other times it is a phrase. It amazes me how my chosen word shows up and guides me.

In 2015, my word was “commitment” and the phrase, “commit, you’ll find a way to do it” appeared in a photo I saw on Facebook of some random person wearing a t-shirt with these words. My goal for 2015 was to get a book proposal written and submitted and maybe land a signed contract. By March I reached that goal and my book project has been on a fast track!

My watchword and phrase have encouraged and supported me to meet some really crazy deadlines.

In addition to writing my first book, I’ve launched a new website, and Youtube channel. And, I have my first podcast series in the works. It has taken a “commitment” to focus and see these projects through.

Every time a new BIG and SCARY opportunity showed up this year, I remembered my watchword and phrase, “commit, you’ll find a way to do it.”

Not all years have been this productive. In fact, one year, I dreaded the start of the New Year. I was in a creative slump and feeling depressed. The thought of making a New Year to-do list made me feel nauseous. I still did some, not all, of the activities that you’ll find in the course. When I look back on that word and that year…it really was prophetic. When you join the course, I’ll tell you more about that story and how my words from other years played out.

Note that every year the word was different and every year offered new lessons and it was always just what I needed.

As with all of my projects, I pour a lot of love, creativity, and experience into them. I love these activities and have personally used them over the last 7 years. I’m excited to finally offer them to you.

If you enjoy words and beautiful mandalas to color, you’ll have fun uncovering your inspired word-for-the-year.

Here’s to a new adventure in 2018!

~ Kathryn Costa


Use code MANDALAFEST to get $10 off!
expires October 31, 2017

Your Mandalas Tell a Story…Discover Yours


Did you know that the mandalas that you create have a story to tell?

We can learn a lot from our mandalas from the colors, shapes, and symbols that we use and even how these elements are all arranged within the circle.

Finding meaning in the art that we create isn’t a new idea. Swiss psychiatrist Carl G. Jung kept a daily journal. During a time of crisis, circular drawings with vivid colors and pictures appeared on the journal pages. Jung began to notice patterns in these drawings that reflected his thoughts, feelings, and emotions at the time he drew them. Sometimes parts of his dreams emerged in the drawings, while other times it was an old story that needed his attention. Jung went on to use this practice of drawing a circle and filling it with color and form with his analysands. Sometimes we don’t easily have the words to express what we are feeling or experiencing, but working intuitively, it can emerge in our art. Since the circle drawings reminded him of the sacred art of Asia, Jung called this art mandalas.

There are 12 psychological stages that we all go through in life.

In fact, we experience these stages over and over again. In this series called, “The Great Round,” we explore these stages by coloring, drawing, painting, collaging, and crafting mandalas. No art experience necessary.

What do those psychological stages look like?

Here are a few that you’ll recognize:

Milestones in Life: birth, adolescence, graduation, leaving home, marriage, parenting, caring for aging parents, retirement, etc.

Creativity Cycles: feeling creatively low versus highly productive and energized; unfocused versus focused periods

Life’s Challenges: loss, grieving, falling apart, health issues

Embracing Something New: new projects, careers, relationships


You’re invited to take your mandala practice to the next level in 2018.

If you are curious about the meaning in your mandalas, you’ll find the Great Round Series fascinating. Be prepared for many “a-ha” moments as you make connections and glean meaningful insights with each mandala project.

The Great Round Course isn’t about making pretty pictures – it’s about empowering us to live our best lives.

Here’s what participants experienced going through the Great Round Series:

  • Sally learned how to tap into her INTUITION.
  • Catz experienced the feeling of FREEDOM after planning and taking her dream trip traveling solo by train to the Californian wine country.
  • Jayne identified her dream job is to teach art classes and felt BRAVE and more CONFIDENT after hosting her first classes.
  • Sandra found creating the mandalas RELAXING and it gave her something POSITIVE to focus on.
  • Carol experienced HEALING as each mandala helped her to express her feelings about the challenges and drama happening in her life.
  • LouAnn OPENED UP to change, new ideas, and accepting her weaknesses without judgment.


Use code MANDALAFEST to get $20 off!
expires October 31, 2017


Great Round Online Course

What’s Included

15 Video Lessons – New for 2018! Twelve videos, one for each Stage plus supplemental videos like “How to Interpret Your Mandala.”

6 Online Retreats – New for 2018! Imagine spending an afternoon hanging out with other mandala enthusiasts, creating mandalas and talking about your a-ha moments from this course. Now imagine not having to leave your home. We’ll connect online via an interactive webinar.

Instructor Led Course – Facilitated by Kathryn Costa.

Handouts, References, Supplements – Beautifully designed helpful resources.

Course Schedule


Course runs January 23, 2018 to August 25, 2018.

Log in when it is convenient for you to watch the video lessons, download resources, and to post your mandala art.

Retreat Days

The online retreats are interactive webinars that are held on Saturday afternoons from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Attending the retreat days/webinars is optional. All events are recorded.
Attendees need to have audio and video enabled on their computer or mobile device to participate.

What we do in our webinars:

Meet & Greet
Get to know your mandala family. It is so much fun to see each other. This format brings us together in a way that fosters a sense of community.

Show & Tell #1
Show us one of the mandalas that you’ve created in the course so far.

Mandala Activity
During our webinar, we’ll create a mandala that reviews one of the stages. This is a great opportunity to reserve some time for creativity. These virtual play dates are so much fun and you get to leave the day with a mandala either started or finished!

Show & Tell #2
We’ll go around one more time to share what we created during our time together.

Sneak Peeks
Participants who make it to the webinar and can stay to the end get insiders scoop on what’s new and what’s coming up at 100 Mandalas. They also get to share their thoughts and ideas to help shape future offerings.

Use code MANDALAFEST to get $20 off!
expires October 31, 2017


Mark Your Calendars

All Retreat Day webinars are held on Saturdays from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. EST. Participation is options. All events are recorded for later viewing.

January 23, 1018 – Course opens

February 17, 2018 – Webinar #1

March 17, 2018- Webinar #2

April 14, 2018- Webinar #3

May 19, 2018- Webinar #4

June 23, 2018- Webinar #5

July 2018 – No webinar

August 25, 2018 – Webinar #6 – Closing the Circle

NOTE: All members will be sent a preferred day/time survey the first week of this course. If I get 12 or more members in a specific time zone, I’ll open up additional retreat webinar sessions. I realize that Saturday afternoons EST is not convenient for people in Europe, Australia, etc.

Use code MANDALAFEST to get $20 off!
expires October 31, 2017



Kathryn CostaMeet Your Host

Every time I work through the Great Round I learn something new about myself. I gain clarity and confidence.

I love creating mandalas, but what I love even more is the process of creating them for insight and personal meaning and sharing this amazing experience with others. 2018 will be my third year facilitating this course and each year it gets better and better. This year, I’ve added video lessons for each stage, beautifully illustrated with participant artwork. I’m really excited about the new interactive webinars where we’ll get to see each other and chat in real time through video conferencing. During our webinars, we’ll spend some time creating a mandala. It’s a great way to not only connect but to also dedicate some time each month to getting some mandala art created.

If you have any questions about this course, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me at


I’ve had the pleasure and honor to be mentored by Susanne Fincher, a leading authority in using mandalas for healing, insight, and self expression. She is the author of many books including “The Mandala Workbook” that we use as a guide for studying the Great Round and “Creating Mandalas” an indispensable resource for understanding the meanings in our mandalas.

I completed Susanne Fincher’s Mandala Certificate Program in June 2016. This program included two weeks of intensive study of the Great Round. I have to tell you it was exciting to listen to Susanne’s lectures, ask her questions, and create mandala projects along side others dedicated to this fascinating study.

Let’s explore our mandala stories together in 2018

~ Kathryn Costa, Workshop Facilitator
Author of “The Mandala Guidebook” and Host of the 100 Mandalas Challenge

Use code MANDALAFEST to get $20 off!
expires October 31, 2017


Mandalafest 2017

Mandalafest is a week long online party to celebrate the joys of creating and coloring mandalas. This FREE event includes mandala workshop lessons, contests, and fabulous prizes!

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates as “circle” or “center.” The circular designs often have shapes and colors repeating around the center. While mandalas have been around throughout the ages and in many cultures, they have reached a new popularity in coloring books. Whether you love to color mandalas or create your own there is something for everyone at Mandalafest.

What’s New for Mandalafest

  • All Mandalafest events will be offered as a FREE online course.
    Mandalafest will not be on Facebook as in previous years.
  • Two live webinar events
  • Five video lessons
  • Six contests
  • Fabulous prizes!

NOTE: You are welcome to join in on any or all activities during Mandalafest. If you can’t make it to the webinars, they will be recorded. Drop in throughout the week when it is convenient for you!



Mandalafest Schedule

Saturday, October 14, 2017 – Orientation
Log in any time for a tour and a virtual “meet and greet.”

Sunday, October 15, 2017 – Kick-off Webinar
3:00 p.m., EST
Join your host Kathryn Costa for the Mandalafest Kick-off. Kathryn will explain the week’s events and how you can participate. See the prizes, ask questions, and chat with other participants. Can’t make it live? No worries, all webinars are recorded.

Monday, October 16 – Friday, October 20, 2017
Log in any time to view the featured lesson of the day and post your contest entries.

Saturday, October 21, 2017
Midnight, EST
Deadline to enter the contests

Sunday, October 22, 2017 – Finale Webinar
Celebrate a fun week.
Winners will be announced.



Lesson 1: Color

Love to color? Learn techniques for using Sharpie markers to create cool blending techniques, mix your own colors, and more! This is a sample lesson from the Color I Mandala Course.


Contest #1: Coloring Contest
When you sign up for Mandalafest, you’ll get access to the official coloring contest entry form.

Prizes: One winner will get a sampler of markers including TomBow, Faber-Castell PITT pens, Sharpie brush and paint markers and Sakura Souffle and Glaze gel pens!

Sign up early to get a head start on your contest entry.




Lesson 2: Mandala Drawing

Bring your protractor and ruler to this lesson to learn how to draw a hexagon mandala. No compass needed. This is a sample lesson from the new Drawing I Mandala Course.


Contest #2: Mandala Drawing Contest
Create a mandala based on the featured lesson and embellish it in your own style and favorite colors.

Prizes: Two winners will be selected. One winner will receive a handmade gorgeous necklace donated by our mandala sister, Susan Kolovson. One winner will receive a pair of labyrinth earrings.



Lesson 3: Turning Towards the Journey Mandala Prompt

The quiet time we spend creating mandalas is fertile ground for discerning a project or reflecting on life. This lesson is from the Great Round Course where we create mandalas for insight and personal expression. Watch a video that introduces you to the Great Round. Download the featured lesson that focuses on creating spiral and labyrinth mandalas and dreamcatchers.


Contest #3: Turning Towards the Journey Contest
Create a mandala based on the featured lesson. Choose from incorporating spirals into your mandalas, drawing a labyrinth, or making a dreamcatcher.

Prizes: Two winners will be selected. One winner will receive a signed copy of Susanne Fincher’s book, “The Mandala Workbook” and one winner will receive a signed copy of Susanne Fincher’s book, “Creating Mandalas.”



Lesson 4: Word Catcher Mandala

Do you love words? Do you find them inspiring? Selecting a word-for-the-year is a popular way to start the new year and has replaced setting resolutions. The featured lesson is a sample from the Mandala Retreat offered online each year in January. The word catcher mandala is perfect for those who are looking for just the right word but don’t want to pick just one, just yet. Let the audition begin!


Contest #4: Word Catcher Mandala
Color the template provided and fill it with words or design your own. We can’t wait to see what words pass your audition.

Prizes: Two winners will each receive a notebook that features the “100 Mandalas Compass Rose Mandala” printed on the cover. It’s perfect for writing down your favorite words, quotes, ideas and dreams.



Lesson 5: Mandala Guidebook

Mandalafest host, Kathryn Costa is the author of “The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Art.” When you look at a book what you see is the final art. What you don’t see are the works in progress (WIP), the rough sketches and planning that goes into each lesson. Kathryn takes you behind-the-scenes of her book and shows you examples of her WIP and art that didn’t make it into the book.


Contest #5: Create a Mandala
Create a mandala based on “The Mandala Guidebook” by Kathryn Costa. Don’t have a copy of the book? Download the first chapter for free.

Prizes: One (1) winner will receive an original work of mandala art by Kathryn Costa and a notebook. The artwork pictured above is based on the “How to Blossom” project on page 116 in “The Mandala Guidebook.” The notebook has the original artwork reprinted on the cover – it’s a great place for recording your notes and inspiration for your mandala practice.


Contest #6: Grand Prize!
Enter all five contests to be eligible to win the GRAND PRIZE. One winner will receive a SEASON PASS for access to theses courses and workshops offered by Kathryn Costa of 100 Mandalas:

  • Mandala Online Retreat 2018
  • Great Round Course
  • Drawing I Mandala Course
  • Color I Mandala Course
  • Goddess Course
  • $270 value

All Mandalafest participants get discounts on upcoming courses and workshops in 2018. Sign up today!


80 Mandala Pumpkins and Gourds

To inspire your muse this Halloween season, I rounded up 80 pumpkins and gourds embellished with mandalas.

Halloween is a big deal here in the states so much so the National Retail Federation anticipates that Americans will spend 8.4 Billion dollars in 2016 on candy, costumes, and decorations. How will you be celebrating this holiday?


Mehndi Mandala Pumpkins by henna artist Vineeta Rajani


Tangled Pumpkin


Lace Inspired Pumpkin Mandalas by Nicole Barton


Black Mehndi Mandala Pumpkin by henna artist Vineeta Rajani


White Mandala Pumpkins


Paisley Mandala Pumpkins


Carved Mandala Pumpkin


Peruvian Gourd Mandala


Mandala Gourd Purse


Celtic Pumpkins


Pumpkin Mandala Coloring Page

For more inspiration check out my pumpkin and gourd mandala board on Pinterest.


Want to get started drawing mandalas?

Check out these links:

Preview the Goddess Workshop

The workshop doors open tomorrow, but it isn’t too late to register.

Discover the goddesses within you!

Kathryn Costa brings three of her passions together in this all-new online workshop series: Mandalas, SoulCollage®, and Greek Mythology. Her storytelling style brings these classic stories to life and relates them to everyday situations.

In this series you’ll meet seven feminine archetypes depicted in the Greek mythology: Aphrodite the lover, Hera the wife, Demeter the mother, Persephone the daughter and Goddess of the Underworld, Artemis the sister, Athena the strategist, and Hestia the wise woman and hearth keeper.

Getting to know the goddesses activates their qualities and powers within you. And you’ll discover how to navigate and pair their powerful characteristics to best serve your aspirations and your relationships.

Watch the Goddess Workshop Welcome Video to get a preview of this course.

Run Time: 12 minutes

The video covers:

  • What is an archetype?
  • Why study the Greek goddesses?
  • The creative path Kathryn Costa took to develop this unique workshop.
  • Schedule and assignments.
  • An invitation to follow your muse to create goddess art.

Run Time: 13 minutes

Get a peek at the course in this video tour. See how the lessons are organized and delivered.

Doors open tomorrow, Sunday, September 10, 2017

Registration closes on Thursday, September 14, 2017

Course ends on November 4, 2017

Cost: Only $35! Rates will go up in 2018.

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What’s Included In this Course

This online workshop includes:

A live webinar session where you’ll meet the goddesses through storytelling and art.
  A quick quiz to discover the goddess archetypes that are showing up in you. You’ll recognize these classic archetypes in yourself and the women in your life.
  Insightful connections between the Great Round Series and the goddess archetypes. You’ll learn which goddess archetype will best guide you through the different challenges that you face in life.
  Introductions to creating mandalas, SoulCollage®, and the Great Round with prompts and demonstrations to guide you in creating your own unique goddess art.

Schedule At-A-Glance


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In the first video, you’ll see examples of my SoulCollage® cards.

SoulCollage® is a trademarked process created by Seena Frost. For more information on Seena, the process, or Facilitator Training please visit her website.
SoulCollage® cards are made either from one’s own art or from images found in materials which have been bought by or given to the SoulCollage card maker.
These collaged cards are used only for the cardmaker’s own inner exploration. SoulCollage cards are not sold, traded, bartered, or copied (except as a back-up for the cardmakers own use) as is stated in the Principles of SoulCollage®. Where SoulCollage cards are available to be seen by others, it is for the purposes either of demonstrating the SoulCollage process or of sharing the cardmakers’ inner process in the context of community. SoulCollage® is grateful to the artists and photographers who make this deep awakening process possible and in all ways SoulCollage® seeks to be respectful of their rights.

Inside the Circle – What’s Happening at 100 Mandalas

Dear Mandala Friends,

You never know when you make a difference in someone’s life. Yesterday, I received a message on Facebook from someone whose life has been changed by my mandala book and the 100 Mandalas Challenge.

Bev from Wales writes:

Hi Kathryn, I just wanted to tell you how much of a difference buying your book and doing the 100 days mandala challenge has changed my life. I’m in my 50’s and since being told I couldn’t draw as a child, have been blocked creatively all my life. Over the last few years it has felt as though I have been in labour – literally, a feeling of wanting to draw but not knowing where to start. I tried countless times but just couldn’t get past a stick person or a few scribbles on the page. In March, I started your challenge & the floodgates opened – on all levels……… I have suffered insomnia all my life – not since drawing mandalas, I have more energy – I suffer from ME, but most of all, I am discovering for the first time, that I do have a creative side and my journey with mandalas is only just beginning & I can’t wait to see where it takes me. I have attached a recent mandala I completed that would have been impossible for me to even think of intuitively, let alone draw – so thank you so much.

When people ask me what I do, I often say that I’m an “instigator of creativity.” I love that my book, “The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art” has done just that – instigated creativity in others.

Thank you Bev for sharing your story with us.

I would love to hear about how my book and videos have inspired you! Send me a message at about your mandala story. You never know, sharing your story may make a difference in someone’s life.


My First Radio Interview

Today I was a guest of the Kim Pagano Show. Kim’s radio show is all about inspiring a positive life. In my quick 10 minute interview, I tell my mandala story about how mandalas helped me during a very low time in my life and what led up to launching the 100 Mandalas Challenge and writing my first book, “The Mandala Guidebook.”

Listen on iTunes
(click on the 6:00 a.m. show on August 26th. My interview starts at 35:58)

Kim Pagano Website


Athena and Aphrodite Tango

I’m having a blast preparing for the upcoming Goddess Workshop that begins on September 10th. I first learned about these goddess archetypes about six years ago and I’ve been fascinated by how these feminine qualities show up in me and the women in my life.

What I love about teaching is how my understanding of a subject expands and deepens. To prepare for this upcoming workshop, I wanted to create more examples depicting these goddesses and have created 13 new Goddess SoulCollage® cards in the last week. Pictured above in the center is one of my new cards that I call, “Athena and Aphrodite Tango.” I found the image of the dancer in the November 2007 issue of More magazine that profiles a 51 year old lawyer who decided to start dancing again and started her own dance troupe. I can relate to the contrast between the Athenian professional whose focus is very heady with the sensual Aphrodite who is connected to her body. I’ll share more about this woman’s story and how I relate to it in the workshop. It is just one of many examples of how one feminine archetype may be strong in us and how we can invite another very different archetype to add joy and richness to our lives.

I’ve also been spending hours pouring over and editing the goddess questionnaire. I’m having a blast working on it and testing it out with some of my girlfriends. It will help you to identify which goddess archetypes are showing up in you these days. I can’t wait to meet the goddesses in you!

Goddess Online Workshop
Starts September 10th
Affordably Priced at $35
Get the Details and Register

May this week be filled with lots of mandala bliss!

~ Kathryn Costa

SoulCollage® is a trademarked process created by Seena Frost. For more information on Seena, the process, or Facilitator Training please visit her website.

SoulCollage® cards are made either from one’s own art or from images found in materials which have been bought by or given to the SoulCollage card maker.

These collaged cards are used only for the cardmaker’s own inner exploration. SoulCollage cards are not sold, traded, bartered, or copied (except as a back-up for the cardmakers own use) as is stated in the Principles of SoulCollage®. Where SoulCollage cards are available to be seen by others, it is for the purposes either of demonstrating the SoulCollage process or of sharing the cardmakers’ inner process in the context of community. SoulCollage® is grateful to the artists and photographers who make this deep awakening process possible and in all ways SoulCollage® seeks to be respectful of their rights.


How to Draw Mandalas for Beginners

How to Draw Your First Mandala

Think you can’t draw?

Think again.
I designed this video for you!

I’ll show you step-by-step how to draw this mandala.

I know you have everything that you need. All it takes is something to write with and something to write on plus a desire to create mandalas. Let’s not forget how much fun it will be to color your first mandala.

“I want you to know you did a beautiful job in giving me confidence and explaining and demonstrating how to create a mandala. I’m going to try it tonight!!”
– Leslie Teltoe

Show Notes

Supplies Used

Please note these products are linked to Amazon using affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale. I only link to products that I have used and recommend. Thank you for your support of my work on The commission is used to purchase art supplies and books.

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Think you can’t draw a mandala? This video is for you.

It’s Your Turn

Total Eclipses & Mandalas

Here in the US we are anticipating the total solar eclipse tomorrow, August 21st. This is the first one to be visible since 1979. While many people will be in a region to view it, everyone in the US can catch a partial eclipse. Here’s a cool tool that maps when and what you’ll see in your location.

If you are concerned about missing it, not to worry. Lena from the Power Path School of Shamanism writes,

It really does not matter energetically, only psychologically.

But with that said, this is definitely a time to honor a marker of huge change and the agent of a massive reset. Even if you have been working with these energies now for the past weeks, it is always good to honor the exact time frame around this event.

What can you do?

Be aware, through a list or a mental awareness, of what you are resetting. Do something that symbolizes coming into a still point, an unplugging, a dropping into the void.

Acknowledge the absence of the sun and solar energy as it is eclipsed from the earth for those few moments as symbolizing the absence of what has been feeding old patterns and beliefs for you these past years and maybe your whole lifetime.

As the eclipse recedes and the sun comes back, imagine that it is feeding and nourishing and energizing a new you, one that has been reset to a new vibration, a new consciousness, a new frequency.”

Unplug and Create a Mandala

This is a mandala exercise for everyone who is ready for a reset. You don’t need to live in the US to participate.

When I read Lena’s reference to dropping into the void, I recognized it as the first stage in the Great Round series. The Great Round is a series that I offer each year beginning in January and it explores 12 psychological stages through a variety of mandala making activities. It seemed fitting for us to pause on Monday during the eclipse to create a mandala.

Another way of referring to the void is Resting in the Darkness. It sounds less bleak and fosters a sense of self care. Following Lena’s direction, let’s begin our mandala exercise by taking out a piece of paper or a journal and write down what needs resetting in your life. To get myself in the mood for journal writing, I’ll shut off my phone, computer and other devices, diffuse an essential oil, close the door to my room, and turn on my water fountain. I may start with a brief meditation before writing in my journal. This little ritual helps me to shift from daily life to looking inward.

After writing about what you are resetting, pull out your art supplies to create a mandala. Trace a circle onto your paper using a plate. Using black fill the circle using circular motions. You may even want to use your fingers to feel the void grow from a dot in the center to a large black circle.

As you work, think of the circle as a safe space. What needs your attention right now? What needs to be reset?

Add some yellow or gold to surround your black circle with an ever growing light. Reread Lena’s words, ” As the eclipse recedes and the sun comes back, imagine that it is feeding and nourishing and energizing a new you, one that has been reset to a new vibration, a new consciousness, a new frequency.”

The mandala pictured above was created by Nevena who is a participant in this year’s Great Round series.

I’d love to see your mandalas.

Sharing Circle MembersPost Here.

Non-membersPost your mandalas on the 100 Mandalas page on Facebook.

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