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These are collaborative art projects.

Solstice Mandala Calendar

21 artists from around the world submitted mandalas for this Community Mandala project. It is a count down calendar to the Solstice. Each day starting on December 1st and finishing on December 21st a different mandala is featured. When I was a child I loved my Advent Calendars that counted down to Christmas. Each day I would eagerly await to see what the next picture would be. There were some years when my brother and I would get those cardboard calendars with the little chocolates behind each window. My brother would invariably gobble up all of his chocolates by day three while I was patient and would enjoy the little treat each day. Inspired by this fun memory, I designed a countdown calendar only in this case we are counting down 21 days to the Solstice. This mandala project is about creating something beautiful as a community that will light up and inspire all who see it. As we create mandalas during this Solstice season, may we recognize the light within ourselves and the light …

2016 Inspired Year Mandala

Fifty participants of the Inspired Year Mandala Retreat were invited to contribute a piece to this group mandala project. Each person was given a piece and assigned a color. They printed the piece, filled it with color and form and incorporated their word-for-the-year into their design. When I started creating these “community mandalas” it was to bring our group closer together and illustrate how there is a place for everyone. I love that you don’t have to be an “artist” or believe that you are creative to fit into this project. The mandala was designed with a sense of movement to convey how our positive intentions and inspiring words-for-the-year inspire us to take action. The round circles are seeds and the flower aspect is the opening up and our becoming in 2016. I chose soft colors that reinforce how important it is to be gentle with ourselves as we takes the steps we need to realize our dreams. Compassion, self-care, and nurturing are all woven into the color choices. This is a powerful symbol of love …

Radiant Lotus Mandala – Community Mandala Project

I am proud to present to you this Community Mandala Project. 34 artists from seven countries and 16 states from across the US were given a piece of this mandala and assigned a color. Each artist was asked to consider what they desire more of in their lives to radiate and be their best. Confidence, happiness, love, creativity, divine energy, strength, connection, time, patience, joy, inner peace, and acceptance were some of the intentions worked into this design. This is a powerful symbol of self-care and self-love. Click on the petals below to see them enlarged and to read how each person responded to the question, “What do you desire more of in your life to radiate and be your best?” This radiant lotus mandala is available on a variety of products through Red Bubble. I adore this bag! You’ll also find posters and framed prints. This pillow is another sweet product. Want to participate in the next Community Mandala Project?  Members of the 100 Mandalas Sharing Circle get exclusive invitations to participate in these unique “community” mandala …

Celtic Tree of Life Community Mandala Project

Fifteen artists from nine countries answered my call for Celtic inspired mandalas. Pictured above are the gorgeous mandalas that were sent in for this project. I had a vision of a tree with many mandalas to represent our wonderful online community. I think of this as the 100 Mandalas Family Tree where each beautiful mandala is a blossom or juicy, sweet fruit reflecting the talented artist who created it. Let’s take a closer look at each of the mandalas. Irina Artamonova Moscow, Russia LouAnn Bramante Bedford, New Hampshire, USA Kathryn Costa Manchester, New Hampshire, USA Angella de Jager South Africa Heather Davies Victoria, BC, Canada Fabienne Tossi Geneva, Switzerland Debra Arms-Kahler Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Lady North British Columbia, Canada Old Irish Saying: Often Often Often Goes the DIVINE in Stranger Guise Lolly Parker Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom Maria Mercedes Trujillo A. Dunedin – New Zealand Patricia Mosca Rochester, New York, USA Neomi Mor Israel Radiance Shamayah Quincy, California, USA Megan Warren Western Australia Sadelle Wiltshire Putney, Vermont, USA 

Positive Intention Lotus Mandala

Positive Intention Lotus Mandala – Community Mandala Project

Check out this breathtaking mandala. It is the latest “Community Mandala Project.” Members of the 100 Mandalas Community were invited to alter a petal of this mandala. A piece was e-mailed to each participant and assigned a color. They were instructed to alter the petal using any medium they chose. Participants were invited to think of their positive intentions and words-for-the year as they worked on their pieces. The result is a strong, powerful, positive symbol for our community. As I considered the word to put in the center, “love” was the obvious choice. For love is at the center of all positive intentions. Here is a closer look at a few of the petals. Maria Mercedes Trujillo Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND ACCEPTANCE Megan Warren Esperance, WESTERN AUSTRALIA KEY Neomi Mor Karkour, ISRAEL HEALING, GROW For a closer look at all of the petals, tune in to Facebook and Pinterest. Each day this week six of the petals will be posted. Visit where you can get this stunning mandala printed on a variety of products …


Community Zendala

Participants of 100 Mandalas were invited to submit a piece for today’s Community Mandala. The final design is a collection of petals altered with repeating patterns done in black and white to create a Community Zendala! Many thanks to all the ladies who tangled a petal for our first Community Mandala.    Want to participate in the next Community Mandala Project?  Members of the 100 Mandalas Sharing Circle get exclusive invitations to participate in these unique “community” mandala projects. Join the Sharing Circle. It’s Your Turn How to Draw Mandalas Inspiration for your Mandala Practice Take the Challenge Share Your Mandalas Subscribe to Not Miss What’s New Each Week