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VIP Lounge 2017

Within the 100 Mandalas Community is the VIP Lounge where members meet up monthly to chat live during webinar presentations. New for 2017! The Great Round Lecture Series January to July Monthly 2 hour Webinars The Great Round is a 12-part series that explores twelve psychological stages that we all experience in life. One familiar example of two very contrasting stages are those creative low moments when you’re feeling scattered compared to those peak moments when creativity flows easily and effortlessly. Other examples are life events that trigger different  stages such as career changes, retirement, parenting, caregiving, working on a BIG project or toward a goal, grieving the loss of a loved one, etc. Each stage is explored with mandala projects and discussion. Note: Members in the Sharing Circle will explore this series through written posts. The webinar series includes lectures that help participants to make new and deeper connections among the various stages. Each month participants are invited to work on assignments and turn them in to be part of the discussion in the following webinar. …

Meet Me at Chickadee Lane Interiors

Thursday, June 16, 2016 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Chickadee Lane Interiors located in Concord, New Hampshire is owned by my friends Mae Edwards and Ann Carignan. It is one of my very favorite shops where you’ll find eclectic decor, vintage up-cycled furniture, unique gifts and my book! Join me for a delightful evening where I’ll be signing copies of my book, “The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art” and chatting about my favorite topic, mandalas! Chickadee Lane Interiors 9 Pleasant Street Concord, NH 03301 To reserve your copy of “The Mandala Guidebook” call: 603-856-7825 website:

10 Ways to Participate in The Mandala Guidebook Launch Party

Dear Mandala Family, You are invited to join me and mandala enthusiasts from around the world to celebrate the release of my new book, “The Mandala Guidebook.” Here are a few details with 10 ways you can participate in this online event. Date: Sunday, May 22, 2016 Place: Facebook Party link: Time: Drop by any time beginning at 11:00 AM EST HASHTAG: #mandalaguidebook Download this party planner. 10 Ways to Participate 1. Change your profile picture for the day! Post a photo of the book as your Facebook profile photo. It can be a photo of you with the book, the book with your pet, the book in your home or studio, next to a sign that tells us where you live or one of your favorite haunts, or maybe propped in an unusual spot or simply just the book…you get the idea! OR use this badge as your profile photo for the day: (Right-click (Ctrl for MAC users) on the image to save it to your computer first.) When you post your photo add a caption. …

Prizes for the Mandala Guidebook Launch Party

These are just *SOME* of the prizes that I will be giving away at the party. I feel so grateful to have so many generous friends who donated these gifts including: Cloth, Paper, Scissors Alison Phillips Robuck Jill Badonsky Patricia Mosca Miz Meliz of Tinsel Town Join the party on Sunday, May 22, 2016. Starting at 11:00 a.m until 6:00 p.m. EST on Facebook. RSVP here:

Mandala Guidebook Virtual Book Launch Party

Dear Mandala Family, You are invited to join me and mandala enthusiasts from around the world to celebrate the release of my new book, “The Mandala Guidebook.” This page will be updated throughout the event. Prizes and contests will be revealed and links within the schedule will be activated. Bookmark this page and come back throughout the event so you don’t miss anything! Date: Sunday, May 22, 2016 After Party: Runs until Tuesday, May 24, 2016 until noon Place: Facebook Party Wall: Time: Drop by any time beginning at 11:00 AM EST or stay the whole afternoon! There will be an “after party” with a few contests. I know some of you live in different time zones or have to work. See the schedule below for more details. Note schedule is subject to change. HASHTAG: #mandalaguidebook PARTY PLANNER: Download this party planner for ideas on how you can participate. Download Chapter One from The Mandala Guidebook Buy The Mandala Guidebook (and get two thank you gifts) Buy the ePub version of The Mandala Guidebook. Schedule 11:00 AM (EST) – …