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Free gifts from 100 Mandalas

Prizes for the Mandala Guidebook Launch Party

These are just *SOME* of the prizes that I will be giving away at the party. I feel so grateful to have so many generous friends who donated these gifts including: Cloth, Paper, Scissors Alison Phillips Robuck Jill Badonsky Patricia Mosca Miz Meliz of Tinsel Town Join the party on Sunday, May 22, 2016. Starting at 11:00 a.m until 6:00 p.m. EST on Facebook. RSVP here:

Do you know these critics? PLUS a Shine! Mandala Template

New World Library sent me a review copy of Succulent Wild Love: Six Powerful Habits for Feeling More Love More Often written by one of my favorite authors SARK and her fiance Dr. John Waddell. I first discovered SARK over 20 years ago. It was the year after I graduated from college and I had moved 1800 miles from New Hampshire to Colorado. I’ll never forget it! It was the first weekend of my grand adventure and what would be a major turning point in my adult life. I stepped into a charming local independent bookstore where I saw, “Inspiration Sandwich,” a colorful book filled with whimsical illustrations and handwritten text. It was the three little words on the cover that stole my heart. Eat this book. Now how could I resist such an invitation? SARK’s inspirational words inspired a very shy and creatively timid young woman to live a daring and juicy life. Over the years I gobbled up her other books and even took classes from her online. The most magical and sparkly SARK …

Coloring Mandalas – How to Choose Colors to Create Color Harmony

Do you ever struggle with which colors to pick when coloring your mandalas? Do you find yourself reaching for the same colors? In this week’s post I share with you an introduction to color design theory. I personally think it is really cool to see how the colors are mapped out on a color wheel and to see the relationships of colors. In this post, I use the same mandala design throughout to give an easy side-by-side comparison. For your own color study, I recommend drawing a mandala and then scanning and printing copies of it (or hit a photocopy machine). It is fun to see the same design colored in different ways. Primary Colors Any study of color begins with the primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. What makes them primary? Well, you can’t create them. No mixing of other colors will produce these three. From these three colors all of the other colors are made. Cool, isn’t it? The mandala pictured above is colored with the pure hues of red, blue, and yellow. …

Hamsa Coloring Book - Free Download

Hamsa Coloring Book

Do you love to color? Our latest coloring book is now available to download for FREE for SHARING CIRCLE MEMBERS! 39 artists from 11 countries and 25 states from the US submitted a hamsa symbol for you to color. This collection has 39 designs and a template for you to complete the collection by drawing the 40th hamsa symbol. About the Hamsa Symbol The hamsa is a familiar symbol of the open palm that traditionally represents protection when the fingers are pointing upward and as a symbol of blessings when the palm is open and the fingers are pointing downward. Since the symbol of the hand is shared among many faiths including Jewish, Muslim, and Christians, the hamsa has become a symbol of peace in the Middle East. Spreading Blessings for Peace and Joy When the participants from our 100 Mandalas Community were asked to create a hamsa coloring page for this project, they were asked to think of YOU the person downloading the coloring book. Imagine people all over the world creating and contributing the art for this …