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These posts offer instructions on how to draw, paint, and color mandalas.

Labyrinth Mandala Art Online Retreat

Awaken your creativity and reflect on your life’s path. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to draw a labyrinth in the medieval style inspired by the labyrinth found at the Cathedral of Chartres, France. Once drawn, we’ll “walk” along the path by adding color and journal writing. This is a lovely activity that will give you time to reflect on where you’re at on your life’s journey.

Product Review: Arteza Watercolor Brush Pens

Arteza reached out to me asking if I would give an honest review of three of their products: 48 Water-Based Ink Real Brush Pens, Water Brush Pens, and Premium Watercolor Paper. Run Time: 14:27 Related Links Color I Course – For more product demos and lessons on creating color harmony.  Mandala Drawing I Course – Learn how to draw mandalas. Ten video lessons, each one under ten minutes to get you started creating mandalas quickly and successfully.  Sharing Circle – I’d love to see you in our online community for mandala enthusiasts. It’s FREE! Arteza Affiliate Links Arteza provide the products for this review. I was not paid for this review. I’m now participating in the Arteza Affiliate Program, which means if you click on the product links in this post and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I use these commissions to purchase products to giveaway in my monthly mandala challenges or to use in my workshops and courses. Arteza Watercolor Real Brush Pens (Set of 48) Arteza Water Brush …

February Mandala Challenge

The topic for the February Mandala Challenge is sacred geometry. In this video, I interview Susanne Fincher author of Creating Mandalas with Sacred Geometry. Susanne gives us a step-by-step demonstration of how to construct the triangle and circle progression. Our conversation covers: When and how Susanne got started creating mandalas. Susanne has been creating mandalas since 1976. I asked her why she thinks the mandala has held her attention for so many years. The difference between geometry and sacred geometry. Who has had the most influence in creating sacred geometry? What is the Tetrachtys? What is Metatron’s Cube? How can one use sacred geometry for personal mandalas? Challenge Details Create a mandala based on Susanne Fincher’s demonstration of the triangle, circle progression. Watch the video for step-by-step instructions. Have fun adding your favorite colors and patterns to the mandala. Use any medium. Post a photo or scan of your mandala in the 100 Mandalas Sharing Circle. Not a member? It’s free to join! SIGN UP HERE. Members Log-in HERE. Deadline to enter is February 24, …

Color I Course

Do you ever feel stuck and don’t know which colors to choose? Maybe you’ve collected a lot of art supplies and they are collecting dust. Let’s pull out our coloring stash to play and experiment. This course is for you if… If you love to color. You don’t know which mediums you want to invest in. You are a beginner and want to learn coloring techniques. You didn’t learn the color wheel and color theory in school or don’t remember it. You keep reaching for the same colors and you’re feeling bored. You want to get some new ideas for color combinations. What you Get Eleven Product Video Demos Markers: alcohol, water-based, ink, paint pens, gel pens Pencils: colored pencils, watercolor pencils, Inktense pencils Popular brands Different price points Pros and Cons Mixing and Blending Techniques How to select the best paper for different mediums Five Videos on Color Harmony Color Inspiration is Everywhere! Color Wheel Color Temperature + Relativity Value + Intensity Five Color Schemes Supplemental Resources & Handouts Color Charts Lesson Handouts Color …

Mandala Drawing I Course

The Mandala Drawing I Course Features 10 Video Lessons Learn how to draw geometric mandala patterns including: Trinity Knot Hexagons Pentagons Bagua Seed of Life and more! This course is for you if… You are a beginner and want to learn how to draw a variety of mandala designs. You find it easier to learn from watching a video rather than reading a book. You’ve been creating mandalas for a while and need some inspiration. You love the Zentangle Method and want to create some new “containers” to play with tangles and repeating patterns. You have my book, “The Mandala Guidebook” and you haven’t started yet. Schedule Available Now. Self-paced course Unlimited, lifetime access The Sharing Circle is where participants post their mandala art for this course. Enroll Today! $35 Purchase this as a gift. Buy Gift Certificates. Register HERE Student Artwork Participants of Mandalafest 2017 previewed a sample lesson and learned out to create a hexagon. For a closer look at these mandalas, click on the image.

How to Draw Mandalas for Beginners

How to Draw Your First Mandala

Think you can’t draw? Think again. I designed this video for you! I’ll show you step-by-step how to draw this mandala. I know you have everything that you need. All it takes is something to write with and something to write on plus a desire to create mandalas. Let’s not forget how much fun it will be to color your first mandala. “I want you to know you did a beautiful job in giving me confidence and explaining and demonstrating how to create a mandala. I’m going to try it tonight!!” – Leslie Teltoe Show Notes Supplies Used Please note these products are linked to Amazon using affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale. I only link to products that I have used and recommend. Thank you for your support of my work on The commission is used to purchase art supplies and books. Bee Paper Super Deluxe Sketch Pad, 6″ x 6″ Sakura 50035 6-Piece Pigma Micron-01 Ink …

A Gratitude Mandala Exercise for Those Challenging Times

It is easy to count our blessings when everything is sunny and cheery, when the kids are behaving, and the bank account is flush. We need our gratitude practice the most during challenging times. In this exercise, think about an area in your life where you are struggling. Maybe you are having a difficult time at work or with a specific person? As you work on this mandala design, think of eight things you are grateful for about this challenging situation or person. When you are done, I guarantee you’ll feel a greater appreciation for the situation, and you’ll have had fun making this mandala. Bloom Where You Are Planted Step 1: To create this mandala, I drew two circles and divided the outer ring into eight equal segments using a protractor and ruler. (45 degree increments) Step 2: Fill each segment with doodled patterns using a black fine liner pen. Be sure to leave spaces for writing words and short phrases. Step 3: Fill the shapes using bright juicy colors. Color has a way …