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These posts offer instructions on how to draw, paint, and color mandalas.

Torus Yantra – Rainbow Sphere Mandala

The Torus Yantra is a fascinating pattern in sacred geometry that is drawn by repeating circles. In the examples above we see a couple of variations where the first one was created by drawing 12 circles and the second one 24 circles. Now, if we shift our perspective and tilt these mandalas with a 3d rendering, we’d get a design that… the HeartMath Institute says is the energetic pattern of our heart. As we reduce stress and open our hearts, our heart rate variability increases and this energetic field widens which supports our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. How cool is that? I love that we can draw and play with this pattern and connect with the energy of our heart in a visual way. One of my favorite ways to reduce stress and increase my heart rate variability is to create art. In this post, I’ll share with you how I’m playing with this Torus Yantra to create what I’m calling the Rainbow Sphere. There are so many different patterns that can be seen …

Capricorn New Moon Mandala Set Intentions Crystal Grid

New Moon Capricorn 2021 | Manifesting Mandala Crystal Grid

You’ve set intentions or made new years resolutions. It’s now time to focus and the Capricorn new moon is here to support you! Create a “Manifesting Mandala,” a powerful sacred object infused with the energy of your intentions. Add crystals to further amplify the energy of your mandala. Kathryn Costa shows you how to easily create your sacred mandala art using her stencils from StencilGirl Products. Themes ✦Lunar Cycles ✦Set intentions at the new moon ✦Create a Manifesting Mandala Crystal Grid ✦Amplify the intentions with crystals ✦Get clarity, focused ✦Relax, Center, Ground Wednesday, January 12, 2021 Capricorn Qualities ✦Cardinal Sign – Initiates ✦Earth Sign – Focused on material goals ✦Hard-working, Steadfast ✦Plans, Goals ✦Strategic ✦Usefulness ✦Commitment ✦Declare your intention. What do you most desire? ✦It’s time to make a plan, what’s your next step? ✦What routines will help you to build the structure that supports your dreams and intentions? Saturn Qualities ✦Ruling planet of Capricorn✦Discipline leads to freedom. ✦Discipleship is a commitment to something you value. Root Chakra Qualities ✦Energetic center of safety, security, stability. …

How to Create Healing Mandala Art

How to Create Healing Mandala Art

Kathryn Costa shows you how easy it is to create healing mandala art using her stencils from Stencil Girl Products. This video features: Three ways to use the Four Gates Mandala Stencil to create a safe and beautiful container for creating healing mandala art that “holds space” using any of the seven chakra stencils. How to create art that heals for yourself and your friends and loved ones. Three ways to quickly open up your heart chakra. What to focus on (and avoid) when creating healing art. Insights about health boundaries, silver lining, and trusting your intuition. Lots of other tidbits to enlighten and inspire you. Enter to Win: Original Healing Mandala Art Made Especially for You! Like this video and leave a comment on Youtube on or before December 31, 2020 to enter to win a healing art mandala created custom for YOU! One winner will be randomly selected and announced on January 1, 2021 in Kathryn Costa’s email newsletter – subscribe to not miss the announcement. Learn About Chakra Mandala Art Download the …

Labyrinth Mandala Art Online Retreat

Awaken your creativity and reflect on your life’s path. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to draw a labyrinth in the medieval style inspired by the labyrinth found at the Cathedral of Chartres, France. Once drawn, we’ll “walk” along the path by adding color and journal writing. This is a lovely activity that will give you time to reflect on where you’re at on your life’s journey.