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Ideas, techniques, and prompts to inspire your mandala practice.

Blessings Jar

I was a single mother for many years. My son and I had a nightly routine that began with four familiar words, “It’s time for bed.” As soon as I would begin to utter this announcement, we’d race headlong to my bed. The first person to get there would exclaim, “Name three things that made you happy today.” We’d take turns recounting good things from our day but the last person to get there had to go first. Here’s what we discovered: We started looking for good things in our day. We knew we were going to report on it later in the day, so we collected good things to bring back home. We noticed patterns in our expressions of gratitude. Often they involved connecting with other people, accomplishing a goal, finishing a project, or learning something new. The blessings were not always big things, but were more often something really small like smiling and being kind to a store clerk and noticing how it would brighten their day or the smell of coffee and …

Solstice Mandala Calendar

21 artists from around the world submitted mandalas for this Community Mandala project. It is a count down calendar to the Solstice. Each day starting on December 1st and finishing on December 21st a different mandala is featured. When I was a child I loved my Advent Calendars that counted down to Christmas. Each day I would eagerly await to see what the next picture would be. There were some years when my brother and I would get those cardboard calendars with the little chocolates behind each window. My brother would invariably gobble up all of his chocolates by day three while I was patient and would enjoy the little treat each day. Inspired by this fun memory, I designed a countdown calendar only in this case we are counting down 21 days to the Solstice. This mandala project is about creating something beautiful as a community that will light up and inspire all who see it. As we create mandalas during this Solstice season, may we recognize the light within ourselves and the light …

A Gratitude Mandala Exercise for Those Challenging Times

It is easy to count our blessings when everything is sunny and cheery, when the kids are behaving, and the bank account is flush. We need our gratitude practice the most during challenging times. In this exercise, think about an area in your life where you are struggling. Maybe you are having a difficult time at work or with a specific person? As you work on this mandala design, think of eight things you are grateful for about this challenging situation or person. When you are done, I guarantee you’ll feel a greater appreciation for the situation, and you’ll have had fun making this mandala. Bloom Where You Are Planted Step 1: To create this mandala, I drew two circles and divided the outer ring into eight equal segments using a protractor and ruler. (45 degree increments) Step 2: Fill each segment with doodled patterns using a black fine liner pen. Be sure to leave spaces for writing words and short phrases. Step 3: Fill the shapes using bright juicy colors. Color has a way …

80 Mandala Pumpkins and Gourds

To inspire your muse this Halloween season, I rounded up 80 pumpkins and gourds embellished with mandalas. Halloween is a big deal here in the states so much so the National Retail Federation anticipates that Americans will spend 8.4 Billion dollars in 2016 on candy, costumes, and decorations. How will you be celebrating this holiday? Mehndi Mandala Pumpkins by henna artist Vineeta Rajani Tangled Pumpkin Lace Inspired Pumpkin Mandalas by Nicole Barton Black Mehndi Mandala Pumpkin by henna artist Vineeta Rajani White Mandala Pumpkins Paisley Mandala Pumpkins Carved Mandala Pumpkin Peruvian Gourd Mandala Mandala Gourd Purse Celtic Pumpkins Pumpkin Mandala Coloring Page For more inspiration check out my pumpkin and gourd mandala board on Pinterest. Want to get started drawing mandalas? Check out these links: The Mandala Guidebook – Download the first chapter for free! How to Draw Mandala Videos Join the 100 Mandalas Community

Mandalafest Coloring Contest

Mandalafest 2016 Coloring Contest Gallery

Mandalafest 2016 was a hit! Three winners were randomly selected to win a copy of The Big Book of Mandalas Coloring Book and one of three art supplies: gel pens, brush markers, or electro-pop Sharpies in the coloring contest. Thank you to our prize sponsors: North Light Books, Art-n-fly, and Steve the “Coloring King” from the 100 Mandalas Community. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to not miss out on the next giveaway and special offers. You’ll get a coloring book to download with 50 mandalas when you subscribe. The weekly newsletter is sure to inspire your mandala practice! An even bigger thank you to everyone who participated in the contests and activities throughout the weekend. What fun! ~ Kathryn Costa PS – Click on the images below to see them enlarged and to read the name of the artist.

Gerda Lamers Mandala Art

Mandala Artist Feature: Gerda Lamers

While cruising around on Facebook recently, I stumbled upon the beautiful mandala art of Gerda Lamers from Groesbeek, The Netherlands. Curious to learn more about the artist behind the art, I reached out to Gerda with a few questions… Gerda was inspired by viking art (see below) to create the snake motif in the mandala pictured above. Tell us about your mandala practice, when and how did you start creating mandalas? I started drawing mandalas about ten years ago. I just started doodling around and more and more it became an addictive hobby. At first my mandalas were pretty simple, but over time they became more refined and also bigger. What is your process for creating mandalas? Sometimes I just begin drawing and see what comes out of this. Sometimes I have a rough idea or theme in my head, or a combination of colours that I want to explore. Oftentimes, while drawing, I come up with new ideas to incorporate in a mandala. Recently I started using a compass, but only for smaller circles. For …

Create a Mandala Shield

Dear Mandala Family, Serendipity has been showing up again and again in many ways for me. A couple of months ago I designed a “virtues shield” that you’ll see further down on this post to go with a magazine article. Then, a couple of weeks ago I was reviewing the different projects for Stage Seven of the Great Round in Susanne Fincher’s book, “The Mandala Workbook” and came across a “mandala shield” project. How cool that what I had created for the magazine article was published in July the same month that we study Stage 7. I seem to be in synch! The mandala shield project is similar to a project that I learned about in my training to become a Virtues Project Facilitator. The prompts from the VP training are more specific than what Susanne offers in her book. Pictured above is the mandala shield that I created this week for myself. I started by drawing a circle, dividing it into four and drawing a circle at the center. In the upper left quadrant, I picked …

150 Tree Illustrations to inspire your mandala practice.

“Trees are an ancient symbol of individuality” writes Susanne Fincher in her book, “The Mandala Workbook.” When we look at trees, no two are exactly alike. Hmmm sounds like us human beans, doesn’t it? Even the tree form with it’s trunk, roots, and branches can be compared to a human form with trunk, legs, and arms. Susanne adds, “Jung wrote of trees as a symbol of the Self, which functions like a seed, unfolding human potentials.” The Tree Mandala exercise from Susanne’s book (see pp. 136-137) invites us to draw a tree within a circle filling the tree and surroundings with color and form. One day this week during my lunch break, I pulled out some art supplies and a small journal to create the tree mandala pictured above. Reflection: What are the qualities of the tree and the environment? Is your tree healthy? Does it have all it needs to grow? If not, what is lacking? What does it need to grow to its optimal size? Feel free to add to your tree mandala images of …

Stick ’em Up Mandalas – Mandalas Created with Stickers

This week’s mandala design theme is inspired by the amazing mandala pictured above designed using stickers! Get a closer look at how this intricate mandala was created OVER HERE. Whale Song Mandala As I was planning my own sticker mandalas I thought about collecting ocean themed stickers. Out of the blue and without knowing my desire for such stickers, I received *THIS WATER BOTTLE* in the mail that was fashioned to be a mailing tube. Catherine Calvetti was clearing out her studio and found several things she thought I would enjoy. Among the contents were a lot of stickers in the very theme I was interested in. Wow! Now how cool is that? I love it when synchronicity strikes! Although I didn’t have as many stickers as the mandala I was inspired by, I didn’t let that stop me from creating my own mandalas and in my own style. For the first mandala I started by painting a black circle. I really had fun selecting the various shapes and colored stickers and arranged them in …

170 Sun Inspired Mandalas

We are days away from the Summer Solstice and I was inspired to seek out sun inspired mandalas and art. This collection consists of a wide range of artistic styles and mediums including collage, mosaics, illustrations, paintings, even quilling! Whether you are celebrating the brightest day of the year or yearning for more sun light, this collection of sun art is sure to light up your day. source Artist: Kathy Klein source Artist: Sherry Sanchez source collage source doodles and pattern art source Artist: Jamie Locke source Artist: David Galchutt Artist: Leah Marie Dorion First Nation Artists source Want to see all 170 Sun Inspired Mandalas? Check out this board on Pinterest featuring Sun inspired mandala art. Share with us your mandala art over in the Sharing Circle, a private website for mandala enthusiasts.