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Creative Living Podcast Interview

Friends, I had the pleasure of chatting with Jamie Ridler on her Creative Living Podcast. We talk about: The impact a daily creative practice like creating mandalas has had on my life. How I discovered in my first mandala project 18 years ago, how¬†mandalas can bring people together. What I was most surprised about in creating my first book. What I learned in creating 100 mandalas in 100 days. And so much more. I think you’ll love the energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration that’s in this 25 minute conversation. LISTEN IN HERE. Jamie and I both hope that when you listen to my dream come true story of publishing my first book, that you will be inspired to pursue your own dreams. It can happen! Be sure to leave Jamie a comment on her website. She would love to know that you listened in and what your #1 take-away was from the chat.

Meet the Contributors from The Mandala Guidebook

Open my book, “The Mandala Guidebook” and turn to the contributor gallery in the back where you’ll find ten artists with ten very different design styles. You’ll also notice that they come from all over the globe. It just goes to show that creating mandalas is a universal art form and past time. I asked each artist a question about their mandala practice. Unfortunately in the book I could only include 50 words. Fortunately, I have a website where I could include their full responses along with their bios. Read through on how Michael McGrath’s (Bro. Mickey as I know him) mandala practice can have a prayerful aspect¬†and how healing it is for Donna Gentile to make mandalas. I was inspired to read how many of these very talented artists started later in life. It is a reminder that we are never too old to pick up something new like creating mandalas. Enjoy meeting these lovely and talented mandala artists. Meet Michael O’Neill McGrath Meet Donna Gentile Meet Irina Artamonova Meet Jackie Fuller Meet Jane …