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Mandala Guidebook Contributor – Patricia Mosca

Artist: Patricia Mosca Location: New York, USA Found on page: 140 Title of Art: Art from Pattie’s Journal Materials: Acrylic paints and markers Tell us about your daily mandala practice. Usually before I start my day, I work in mandala journal. I light a candle and sit quietly with myself and ask one simple question: “What is it that I need to be aware of today?”  Sometimes a word comes to me, other times it is a picture or a series of words. The affirmations and messages come from deep within me and are based on a very simple principle: The way you think influences your life. Affirmations and mandalas go hand in hand for me. They are both powerful tools that take my thoughts and turn them into a positive form. I have found over the years that the more positive thoughts I have allows me to be aware of the positive moments of my life. My mandalas are only 4″ and don’t take a long time to draw and color. Journal excerpt: “Be Aware. Be aware …

Mandala Guidebook Contributor – Neomi Mor

Artist: Neomi Mor Location: Israel Found on page: 139 Title of Art: Flower in the Dessert Materials: Alcohol-based markers (TouchFive) and alcohol ink pens (Chameleon) How has making mandalas enriched your life? Drawing mandalas has opened a new channel of creativity to express myself. I love the creation of a new symmetric and enchanting symbol out of a simple piece of white paper. Drawing mandalas is a kind of a meditation for me. It gives me joy and calmness and heals me during tough periods in life. I am married and a mother to three adult children living in Israel. Until recently I worked as a banker. Today I am a holistic healer. I enjoy traveling, good food, books and interesting people, but above all, enjoy painting mandalas. Find Neomi online at “The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art” by Kathryn Costa is available from North Light Books. Meet the other contributors at the online Book Launch Party.

Mandala Guidebook Contributor – Claudia Gray

Artist: Claudia Gray Location: New Hampshire, USA Found on pages: 68 and 69 Title of Art: Calla Lilies Medium: photography, digitally rendered When I was looking for some photography to use in the color chapter, I thought of my dear friend and photo buddy Claudia. Over the years we have gone on many outings taking us to interesting gardens, hot air balloon events, and fun cities (our favorite is Portsmouth, NH). We’ve taken photography classes together and inspire each other to not only take photos but to play with them. The Calla Lilly photo above is one example of what Claudia and I love to do. We take a photo and then work in other design elements using Adobe Photoshop. We both love texture and color. Claudia also introduced me to a program where we can take our own photos and turn them into interesting mandalas. You’ll see here how I played with images like bowling shoes, seashells, and graffiti to make unusual mandalas. When it came time for my wedding, my husband and I …


Strathmore’s Pass the Journal

Last summer a lovely journal arrived in my mailbox. It was a journal traveling from friend to friend, artist to artist, as part of Strathmore’s “Pass the Journal” project. Each person had a week or two with the journal and then pass it along. I pulled out my acrylic  paints and colored the background before drawing my “mandalas.” On one side I drew a snake and had a blast filling it in with various shapes and patterns. On the facing page I drew a hamsa symbol with the mandala in the center. Strathmore sent out 12 journals. Check out where they traveled and get inspired by all of the incredible art styles. You may find a color scheme or decorative element to add to your mandalas this week. You’ll find me in journal #3 called, “Pulp.” Zoom in and out of the map and click on each marker to view the various pages and to learn a bit about each artist. Enjoy!


Newsletter Video Message – January 2016

For the newsletter this week, I recorded the message. I can convey so much more in the video format. Don’t you think? Listen in to: Hear about the upcoming course and about creating personal retreats and see a few of the pages from the Retreat Planner that participants will get. See fan mail from India and Australia filled with inspiration for your mandala practice. Two projects ideas that will lift up your spirit. Show Notes Let’s Retreat Together! There is one week left to register for the Inspired Year Mandala Retreat: A Nourishing Approach to Finding Clarity. Pictured above are a few of the many pages in the Retreat Planner. One of several downloads participants will get as part of the course. READ MORE & SIGN UP HERE Fan Mail from India This gorgeous card comes from Shruti Gautam Dev from India. The back of the card really captures the spirit of what we experience when we create and color mandalas. It is also the intention for creating retreat moments, a practice we will be …


Newsletter Video Message – November

To watch the video, click on the image below. This week I thought I would try something different with the newsletter. Instead of writing the message, I would record it. Watch the video to: Learn about what I’ve been up to these last two weeks (Hint: Book Project) Hear what’s coming up in 2016 (Hint: Online Classes) Get the details on how to participate in my upcoming Pilot Program (A Really Cool Offer) Take your mandala practice to the next level with this week’s theme/challenge WATCH THE NEWLETTER VIDEO MESSAGE Highlights and Takeaways Announcements New classes – In 2016, I’ll be offering mandala workshops and retreats starting with this one HERE which begins in January. Pilot Program – Twelve people will be invited to participate in a pilot program, a 6-week mandala course beginning in March at no charge. I am developing a new course and I’m inviting 12 people to participate in a pilot. I will be looking for individuals who enjoy the process of creating mandalas and are available to commit to the program for six …