The 100 Mandalas Community is a diverse group of mandala enthusiasts from around the world. The community is supportive of the many ways that we can enjoy mandalas from coloring for relaxation, experimenting with a variety of design styles and art techniques, or diving deep on interpreting the meanings of our mandalas and uncovering our “mandala stories.”

The 100 Mandalas Community consists of two areas: the Sharing Circle and the VIP Lounge.

Please note that the Sharing Circle is not a “self-paced” course that you do on your own but rather opportunities to learn, create, and connect through mandala activities and projects within an active community.

The Sharing Circle in 2017 will include a new Color Workshop. GET DETAILS

Community Mandala Projects – Members of the community are invited to participate in unique group projects including contributing art for coloring books and group mandala art. SEE EXAMPLES

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