The Great Round Mandala Course


Did you know that the mandalas that you create have a story to tell?

We can learn a lot from our mandalas from the colors, shapes, and symbols that we use and even how these elements are all arranged within the circle.

Finding meaning in the art that we create isn’t a new idea. Swiss psychiatrist Carl G. Jung kept a daily journal. During a time of crisis, circular drawings with vivid colors and pictures appeared on the journal pages. Jung began to notice patterns in these drawings that reflected on his thoughts and feelings at the time he drew them. Sometimes parts of his dreams emerged in the drawings, it may be an issue currently going on, or at other times it was an old story from an earlier time in his life that needed his attention. Jung went on to use this practice of drawing a circle and filling it with color and form with his analysands.

Sometimes we don’t easily have the words to express what we are feeling or experiencing, but working intuitively, it can emerge in our art.

Since the circle drawings reminded him of the sacred art of Asia, Jung called this art mandalas.

There are 12 psychological stages that we all go through in life.

In fact, we experience these stages over and over again. In this series called, “The Great Round,” we explore these stages by coloring, drawing, painting, collaging, and crafting mandalas. No art experience necessary.

What do those psychological stages look like?

Here are a few that you’ll recognize:

Milestones and Celebrations in Life: birth, adolescence, graduation, leaving home, marriage, parenting, caring for aging parents, retirement, etc.

Creativity Cycles: feeling creatively low versus highly productive and energized; unfocused versus focused periods

Life’s Challenges: loss, grieving, falling apart, health issues, divorce, empty nest

Embracing Something New: new projects, careers, relationships


You’re invited to take your mandala practice to the next level this year.

If you are curious about the meaning in your mandalas, you’ll find the Great Round Series fascinating. Be prepared for many “a-ha” moments as you make connections and glean meaningful insights with each mandala project.

The Great Round Course isn’t about making pretty pictures – it’s about deepening an understanding of ourselves and empowering us to live our best lives.

Here’s what participants experienced going through the Great Round Series:

  • Sally learned how to tap into her INTUITION.
  • Catz experienced the feeling of FREEDOM after planning and taking her dream trip traveling solo by train to the Californian wine country.
  • Jayne identified that her dream job is to teach art classes and felt BRAVE and more CONFIDENT after hosting her first classes.
  • Sandra found creating the mandalas RELAXING and it gave her something POSITIVE to focus on.
  • Carol experienced HEALING as each mandala helped her to express her feelings about the challenges and drama happening in her life.
  • LouAnn OPENED UP to change, new ideas, and accepting her weaknesses without judgment.

Great Round Online Course

What’s Included

14 Video Lessons – Twelve videos, one for each Stage plus supplemental videos on “How to Interpret Your Mandala” and “Introduction & Overview of the Great Round.” Log in when it is convenient for you to watch the video lessons, download resources, and to post your mandala art.


Handouts, References, Supplements – Beautifully designed helpful resources.

Over 100 Project Ideas to Choose From! – Throughout this course there are a wide variety of mandala projects to explore each topic.

Pricing and Enrollment

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You get all of this: 14 video lessons, 100+ projects, lifetime access to classroom lessons.

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Lesson Overview

Lesson 1 – Introduction to the Great Round

To prepare you for this really big journey, two introductory videos offer an overview of the whole series and an introduction to how to interpret your mandalas.

Sample Mandalas Great Round

Lesson 2 –  Resting in the Darkness

I think of this stage as the winter moments of our lives where on the surface it looks gray and bleak while under the surface are dormant seeds of potential waiting for the right time to emerge. You’ll find yourself in this stage when your body is sick and demands rest. As creatives we have all experienced periods of high productivity and times when we are creatively low. Stage One are those creative low moments when you may panic and think that you’ll never have another creative idea or the energy to do anything again. For some in Stage One, they may experience depression, anxiety, winter or seasonal depression.

Great Round Mandala Sampler

Lesson 3 – Floating into the Light or Bliss

These are the hopeful times when we dreamily consider the possibilities in our current situation. Stage Two is much like the liminal state when first waking up or falling asleep.

Mandala Art Stage Three Great Round

Lesson 4 – Turning Towards the Journey

This stage is about sensing a change in your life but not necessarily knowing what it will it be. For example, you may know that it’s time to change jobs, or you’re feeling ready to start dating. Maybe you’re anticipating retirement or expecting a baby. In each of these examples we have a general sense of the change that is happening, but as of yet we are only at the point of saying “yes!” and not quite sure what the next steps will be.

Lesson 5 – Embracing the New 

This lesson is about self care and nurturing our dreams. The essential question here is what support do you need right now for you and your dream?

Lesson 6 – Claiming Selfhood or Target

If you are working towards a goal the essential question here may be “Are you on target?” Another experience of this stage is when you are feeling like a target. Here we explore where we are at and the ground we take a stand on.

Lesson 7 – Igniting the Inner Fire

Here we explore internal or external conflicts that can be referred to as “Igniting the Inner Fire” or “the Dragon Fight.” We find ourselves in this stage any time anger or frustration is triggered. It’s also where our inner critics surface and challenge us.

Lesson 8 – Squaring the Circle

After the tensions in the previous lesson are resolved we arrive at a place where we know where we stand. From this position we ask, “What direction shall I go?” or “What’s next?”

Lesson 9 – Functioning in the World

This lesson explores those times when we are actively working on our careers, engaged in family rearing, caregiving, or focused on a project. We have high energy in this stage and feel focused on “doing.”

Lesson 10 – Reaping the Rewards

At this stage we see our hard work either in a project, career, in rearing a family, all come together. This is a time where we pause and look at our accomplishments. It’s time to celebrate!

Lesson 11 – Letting Go

You know that feeling of let down after hosting a big party or completing a really big goal? That let down feeling is what we experience in Stage Ten called, “Letting Go.” We also visit this stage any time that we experience loss whether it is from illness, grieving the loss of a loved one, or downsizing one’s home. It may be a transition to a different stage in life like retirement where our identity, how we have seen ourselves, is changing. One may experience moments of fear that comes with the changes in this Stage as well as feelings of an exhilarating call to adventure.

Lesson 12 – Falling Apart

Mandalas serve as a safe container for the powerful emotions that accompany Stage Eleven, “Falling Apart.” This stage can be triggered by a bout of poor health, catastrophe, or pushing toward fulfilling your potential. Susanne Fincher describes this stage: “You may feel lost, abandoned, angry, wild, sad, unsure, and out of control.” You have little energy for day-to-day tasks.” Mandalas in this stage may look fractured, chaotic, disjointed, but also fresh, lively, and even playful. Mandalas in this stage invite you to tear up materials, abandon order, and shatter glass.

Lesson 13 – Opening to Grace 

Stage Twelve, “Opening to Grace” refers to those moments in life when you feel like a new person and an old soul. Looking back on your life or the process of completing a project and all of the stages you’ve gone through to get here, you make connections and see how all of the ups and downs come together. You see patterns of meaning to emerge where once you felt pain, confusion or anger. It is a stage where we can experience joy, relief, love, and forgiveness.

Lesson 14 – Closing the Circle

In this final lesson, we step back and look at all of the mandalas that we’ve created. We explore different stages and how they relate to one another. This is a time of great celebration!

Pricing and Enrollment

LAST TIME OFFER: Registration closes on February 28, 2022.

ALL online classes will no longer be available for new enrollments starting March 1st, 2022.

You get all of this: 14 video lessons, 100+ projects, lifetime access to classroom lessons.

Originally priced at $250. Now available for $150.  Enroll Now.

Meet Your Host

Kathryn Costa

Every time I work through the Great Round I learn something new about myself. I gain clarity and confidence.

I love creating mandalas, but what I love even more is the process of creating them for insight and personal meaning and sharing this amazing experience with others. 2019 will be my fourth year facilitating this course and each year it gets better and better.

If you have any questions about this course, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me at


About My Training

I’ve had the pleasure and honor to be mentored by Susanne Fincher, a leading authority in using mandalas for healing, insight, and self expression. She is the author of many books including “The Mandala Workbook” that we use as a guide for studying the Great Round and “Creating Mandalas” an indispensable resource for understanding the meanings in our mandalas.

I completed Susanne Fincher’s Mandala Certificate Program in June 2016. This program included two weeks of intensive in-person study of the Great Round. Unlike other trainings and certifications where you only have to pay a fee to be “certified.” This training involved extensive study, two weeks of lectures, projects, and interactions with our mentors and other participants, a written test, and final presentation. I have to tell you it was exciting to listen to Susanne’s lectures, ask her questions, and create mandala projects along side others dedicated to this fascinating study.

~ Kathryn Costa, Course Instructor
Author of “The Mandala Guidebook” 

Pricing and Enrollment

LAST TIME OFFER: Registration closes on February 28, 2022.

ALL online classes will no longer be available for new enrollments starting March 1st, 2022.

You get all of this: 14 video lessons, 100+ projects, lifetime access to classroom lessons.

Originally priced at $250. Now available for $150.  Enroll Now.