The Great Round Series


Did you know that the mandalas that you create have a story to tell?

The lines, shapes, symbols, colors, and arrangements in your mandala art reflects your unconscious at a particular moment in your life.

Sometimes it’s hard to put into words your feelings or what’s troubling you. The expressive arts is a way of creating a visual representation that aids you in unlocking those words. When those stories are unlocked, there’s a feeling of release and relief.

There are 12 psychological stages that we all go through in life.

In fact, we experience these stages over and over again. In this series called, “The Great Round,” we explore these stages by coloring, drawing, painting, collaging, and crafting mandalas. No art experience necessary.

What do those psychological stages look like?

Here are a few that you’ll recognize:

Milestones in Life: birth, adolescence, graduation, leaving home, marriage, parenting, caring for aging parents, retirement, etc.

Creativity Cycles: feeling creatively low versus highly productive and energized; unfocused versus focused periods

Life’s Challenges: Loss, grieving, falling apart, health issues

Embracing Something New: new projects, careers, relationships

You’re invited to take your mandala practice to the next level in 2017.

If you are curious about the meaning in your mandalas, you’ll find the Great Round Series fascinating. Be prepared for many “a-ha” moments as you make connections and glean meaningful insights with each mandala project.

Within the 100 Mandalas Community you have two options for exploring the Great Round Series:

Option 1: Join the Sharing Circle

The Sharing Circle is a private website for mandala enthusiasts. The Great Round Series is explored one stage per month with a summary and overview of the stage and several mandala projects to choose from. Members create and post their mandala art and reflections. Meaningful connections are made among members as they post comments and discuss the stages and mandala projects.

1-year membership is $60 (That’s only $5/month!); billed annually


Option 2: Join the Sharing Circle + VIP Lounge

Have you started exploring the Great Round and find it confusing? Are the stages all running together? Do you need help with understanding the connections between the stages and how they relate to your life?

In this new webinar lecture series, I guide you through each stage individually and how they relate to the other stages. You’ll get the bigger picture and see how it all relates more clearly to your life.

The webinar format is so fun! We meet up live. I’m on video camera, the lecture comes to life in a gorgeous slideshow presentation, and we chat. All sessions are recorded.

My favorite part is the Show & Tell! This is what makes this series different than the other online courses.

Participants get two optional assignments with each lecture. Six to eight examples of participants’ mandala art will kick off the webinar. It’s a great review of the stages and participants get feedback from the facilitator and other members.

This is an interactive and engaging course!

1-year membership for Sharing Circle + VIP Lounge is $120. (That’s only $10/month) billed annually.

Already a Sharing Circle member for 2017? Select the VIP Lounge add-on option. $60


New for 2017! The Goddess Within the Great Round Workshop

For VIP Lounge members only, a new workshop called “The Goddess Within the Great Round” explores the seven Greek Goddess archetypes. We take your study of the Great Round to an advance level in this unique one-of-a-kind online workshop.


In this workshop you’ll:

  • Meet the goddesses, learn their stories, their strengths and their wounds.
  • Recognize these classic archetypes in yourself and the women in your life.
  • Make connections between the Great Round Series and the goddess archetypes. You’ll learn which goddess archetype will best guide you through the different stages.
  • Discover your goddess archetypes and make your own personal goddess mandala shield.

susanjohnsonKathryn masterfully weaves the Greek Myths into your life and pairs it with the Great Round in a way that will give you now self-awareness. I enjoyed her connections between the goddesses and real life, her ability to connect the Greek goddesses and their natural role in the cycle of the Great Round, and her gorgeous mandala depictions of each goddess.

Let Kathryn lead you on a journey with the goddesses through the great round – you will savor the experience! ~Susan Paul Johnson, MBA, PhD Expressive Arts Facilitator,

VIP Lounge Webinar Schedule & Topics:

January – Introduction to the Great Round, Stage 1 and Stage 2

February – Stage 3 & Stage 4

March – Stage 5 & Stage 6

April – Stage 7 & Stage 8

May – Stage 9 & Stage 10

June – Stage 11 & Stage 12

July – Completing the Circle

August – No webinar

September – Goddess Within the Great Round

October – Mandalafest

November – Goddess Within the Great Round

December – No webinar


Kathryn CostaMeet Your Host

Meeting my “Goddesses Within”

When I first learned about the Greek Goddess archetypes five years ago, it opened up a whole new world to me. I learned a lot about myself, both my strengths and weaknesses. I also have a new perspective on the women in my life. So much so, that I feel like I have a better understanding and appreciation of them. It’s even helped me to navigate the workplace. The biggest takeaway has been the realization of how we can have different values, priorities, and tendencies – none of them better or less than, simply different. The VIP Lounge webinar series leading up to the workshop will give you a good solid foundation of the Great Round concepts before we add the Goddess Within layer. 


I’ve had the pleasure and honor to be mentored by Susanne Fincher, a leading authority in using mandalas for healing, insight, and self expression. She is the author of many books including “The Mandala Guidebook” that we use as a guide for studying the Great Round and “Creating Mandalas” an indispensable resource for understanding the meanings in our mandalas.

I completed Susanne Fincher’s Mandala Certificate Program in June 2016. This program included two weeks of intensive study of the Great Round. I have to tell you it was exciting to listen to Susanne’s lectures, ask her questions, and create mandala projects along side others dedicated to this fascinating study.

I presented “The Goddess Within the Great Round” in June 2016 for the completion of the certificate program. I received invaluable feedback and insights from Susanne Fincher and Marilyn Clarke who are well versed in Greek mythology and these Greek goddess archetypes. At this training, I met three mandala experts from Brazil who studied the Greek goddesses archetypes directly with Roger Woolger author of “The Goddess Within.” It was exciting to make connections and get expert feedback on what I’ve developed for you.

Let’s explore our mandala stories together in 2017

~ Kathryn Costa, Workshop Facilitator
Author of “The Mandala Guidebook” and Host of the 100 Mandalas Challenge