Vision Journals


Join Kathryn Costa for a fun Vision Journal play date!

Did you pick a word-for-the-year or create a vision board or dream wheel? Keep your vision alive and get inspired to take the next steps in my new Vision Journal Play Dates. These “play dates” are live, interactive events using Zoom web conferencing. It’s the next best thing to meeting up in person.

What’s a Vision Journal?

Think vision board meets journal. We combine found images and words collected from magazines, catalogs, old calendars, etc. with journal prompts to inspire, delight, and create soulful conversations.

Vision journals are a great place to gain clarity around what you desire and map out action steps with fun prompts and activities.

Each Session Includes:

  • A beautifully designed envelope with an invitation and paper goodies that you get in the mail! Pictured above is the first envelope and each session will have a new design to go with the activities for the event.
  • A Soul Journey Meditation that will shift your attention from your busy life to focusing on what your soul wants you to hear.
  • Three journal prompts/activities that use the goodies found in the envelope. I’m keeping those goodies a surprise but I’ll give you a little hint…tucked inside is
    • a message specifically for you to inspire the next steps on your journey,
    • a secret portal unique for you,
    • an animal guide that will help you to take action,
    • something old, something new,
    • something shiny, and something blue.
  • Time to play in your journal.
  • A video recording of our time together that you can watch any time in case you miss the event or you want to experience it again.

What You’ll Need:

  • Computer or mobile device with internet access, video camera, and microphone.
  • Journal or old catalogue (I recycle a catalogue to use for my journal.)
  • Adhesives: Glue Stick, Packing Tape

  • Pens: Ballpoint, Gell Pens, Glitter Pens, Fine liners, Markers, or your favorite marking tools.

  • Paper: If you are altering a catalog you’ll want some assorted papers like notebook, stationery, graph paper, scrapbook paper, etc.

  • Scissors and a Craft Knife
  • Images: Magazines, greeting cards and junk mail to cut up.

  • Suggestion: Start a file, envelope, or bag and collect images, words, and embellishments for your creative play.

  • No art experience needed!

About the Next Vision Journal Play Date:

Saturday, March 3, 2018
3:00 – 6:00 p.m., EST
Limited to 20 participants.
Live outside of the US? Register on or before February 15th to receive your envelope in time.

$35 includes everything including shipping the envelope.

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