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I found this article, “9 Ways to Reduce Anxiety” and added one more that I know has helped me and many others from around the world. I bet you can guess the one I added.


Benefits of Creating and Coloring Mandalas

What People Are Saying

“Joining the 100 Mandalas Challenge provided me with the opportunity to try my hand at drawing again as well as giving me a goal to reach. Completing something to the end and reaching a goal is not my strong suit. The Challenge gave me a chance to prove to myself that I can complete a project.” ~ LouAnn Bramante

“This challenge has provided an avenue to find light and joy in my life again, after wallowing in darkness and sorrow for a long time.” ~ Heather Slater Davies

“I love the mandala challenge because drawing is focusing and calming. I feel like I have learned through daily practice.” ~ Nance Dubuc

“I like that there is something for everyone from beginner to seasoned artist.” ~ Patricia Davies

“The insights gained through self reflection during mandala creation have been so valuable to my mental and emotional health.” ~ Jackie Fuller


  1. Have recently become intered in zentangling, colored pencils and mandalas. All of this wonderful information: it’s like Christmas only better! Thank you!


    • There are so many wonderful creative outlets. Now you can add mandala making to your repertoire. What is cool is how mandalas can integrate the Zentangle Method, colored pencils and other techniques. My book offers 24 demonstrations/projects that explore a variety of mediums.


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