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Gerda Lamers Mandala Art

Mandala Artist Feature: Gerda Lamers

While cruising around on Facebook recently, I stumbled upon the beautiful mandala art of Gerda Lamers from Groesbeek, The¬†Netherlands. Curious to learn more about the artist behind the art, I reached out to Gerda with a few questions‚Ķ Gerda was inspired by viking art (see below) to create the snake motif in the mandala pictured above. Tell us about your mandala practice, when and how did you start creating mandalas? I started drawing mandalas about ten years ago. I just started doodling around and more and more it became an addictive hobby. At first my mandalas were pretty simple, but over time they became more refined and also bigger. What is your process for creating mandalas? Sometimes I just begin drawing and see what comes out of this. Sometimes I have a rough idea or theme in my head, or a combination of colours that I want to explore. Oftentimes, while drawing, I come up with new ideas to incorporate in a mandala. Recently I started using a compass, but only for smaller circles. For …