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Color Workshop

Are you like the chipmunk collecting lots of art supplies and saving them for a rainy day? The rainy day has arrived… I have a confession. I’ve been guilty of collecting art supplies, lots of them, and not using them. Beautiful tins of colored pencils, collections of watercolor markers, gel pens, Copics, TomBows, Winsor Newton, and Posca paint pens fill my home studio. Do you have lots of art supplies that are going unused too? It’s time to dust them off and start playing. Join me for a color workshop that I’m hosting in the Sharing Circle. Get inspired, learn new techniques, try out some different color combinations, and connect with mandala enthusiasts from all over the world. Let’s play with color this season! ~ Kathryn Costa, Host of Mandalafest, the 100 Mandalas Challenge, and the Sharing Circle, and author of “The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art.” Are you in a color rut, picking the same colors over and over again? Do you feel overwhelmed by so many colors and …

Mandalafest - Mandala Party


Mandalafest is an event to celebrate the joy of creating and coloring mandalas. Participants are encouraged to share their love for mandalas by hosting a mandala party for their friends and families. Gather with mandala enthusiasts from around the world online and enter in one or more of the five contests for a chance to win 20 prizes! What is a mandala? Mandala is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates as “circle” or “center.” The circular designs often have shapes and colors repeating around the center. While mandalas have been around throughout the ages and in many cultures, they have reached a new popularity in coloring books. Official Mandalafest Party Planner Download the Party Planner: The party planner has all of the details that you’ll need for participating in Mandalafest including: Schedule of Events Contest Rules Party Planning Worksheets Coloring Pages Be sure to download the Party Planner right away so you can get an early start on your contest entries. Mark Your Calendar: April 22 – 30, 2017 Starting on April 22nd, post your …

Mandalafest Coloring Contest

Mandalafest 2016 Coloring Contest Gallery

Mandalafest 2016 was a hit! Three winners were randomly selected to win a copy of The Big Book of Mandalas Coloring Book and one of three art supplies: gel pens, brush markers, or electro-pop Sharpies in the coloring contest. Thank you to our prize sponsors: North Light Books, Art-n-fly, and Steve the “Coloring King” from the 100 Mandalas Community. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to not miss out on the next giveaway and special offers. You’ll get a coloring book to download with 50 mandalas when you subscribe. The weekly newsletter is sure to inspire your mandala practice! An even bigger thank you to everyone who participated in the contests and activities throughout the weekend. What fun! ~ Kathryn Costa PS – Click on the images below to see them enlarged and to read the name of the artist.

Hamsa Coloring Book - Free Download

Hamsa Coloring Book

Do you love to color? Our latest coloring book is now available to download for FREE for SHARING CIRCLE MEMBERS! 39 artists from 11 countries and 25 states from the US submitted a hamsa symbol for you to color. This collection has 39 designs and a template for you to complete the collection by drawing the 40th hamsa symbol. About the Hamsa Symbol The hamsa is a familiar symbol of the open palm that traditionally represents protection when the fingers are pointing upward and as a symbol of blessings when the palm is open and the fingers are pointing downward. Since the symbol of the hand is shared among many faiths including Jewish, Muslim, and Christians, the hamsa has become a symbol of peace in the Middle East. Spreading Blessings for Peace and Joy When the participants from our 100 Mandalas Community were asked to create a hamsa coloring page for this project, they were asked to think of YOU the person downloading the coloring book. Imagine people all over the world creating and contributing the art for this …