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March Mandala Challenge: Scavenger Hunt Mandalas

The topic for the March Mandala Challenge is Scavenger Hunt Mandala. I’m all about using what you already have to create mandalas. In this challenge, you’ll collect round shaped household items in various sizes to use as circle templates to create a mandala. It’s fun to look at every day familiar objects with a new lens. This challenge is to encourage you to play like you did when you were a kid. Have fun! Challenge Details Collect four or more objects that have a circle shape in various sizes. Do NOT use stencils for this challenge. It’s okay to use objects of other shapes for your mandala but you need at least four circles. Trace the circles starting with the largest circle to the smallest to create a progression of concentric circles. Use a straight edge to draw some guidelines and to break up the circle into four or more sections. Fill the circle with shapes, patterns, and colors. Use any medium. For more design ideas, download the first chapter of my book, “The Mandala Guidebook” at …

January Mandala Challenge: Mandala Inspiration Wheel

I’m delighted to announce a new series to inspire your muse called the Monthly Mandala Challenge. Look for a video each month that introduces the theme, contest details, and the prizes. Project Theme for January: Mandala Inspiration Wheel One day while looking at my wall on Facebook, I noticed a really cool video clip of a fidget spinner whirring above a hand-painted mandala with the question, “What gift can you give yourself more of today?” The possible answers delighted my heart – ease, novelty, play, stillness, rest, adventure… I clicked through to my friend Tonia Jenny’s Facebook wall and saw that she had created some other Fidget Spinner Fortunes that posed more heart expanding questions and answers. What can you give yourself more of this week? What will support your dreams today? What is your soul asking for? I’m a DIY kinda gal and thought, I want to make one! But wait, I’d love to see what my mandala family would create. I reached out to Tonia and she generously offered to be the first …

Mandalafest Coloring Contest

Mandalafest 2016 Coloring Contest Gallery

Mandalafest 2016 was a hit! Three winners were randomly selected to win a copy of The Big Book of Mandalas Coloring Book and one of three art supplies: gel pens, brush markers, or electro-pop Sharpies in the coloring contest. Thank you to our prize sponsors: North Light Books, Art-n-fly, and Steve the “Coloring King” from the 100 Mandalas Community. An even bigger thank you to everyone who participated in the contests and activities throughout the weekend. What fun! ~ Kathryn Costa PS – Click on the images below to see them enlarged and to read the name of the artist.

10 Ways to Participate in The Mandala Guidebook Launch Party

Dear Mandala Family, You are invited to join me and mandala enthusiasts from around the world to celebrate the release of my new book, “The Mandala Guidebook.” Here are a few details with 10 ways you can participate in this online event. Date: Sunday, May 22, 2016 Place: Facebook Party link: Time: Drop by any time beginning at 11:00 AM EST HASHTAG: #mandalaguidebook Download this party planner. 10 Ways to Participate 1. Change your profile picture for the day! Post a photo of the book as your Facebook profile photo. It can be a photo of you with the book, the book with your pet, the book in your home or studio, next to a sign that tells us where you live or one of your favorite haunts, or maybe propped in an unusual spot or simply just the book…you get the idea! OR use this badge as your profile photo for the day: (Right-click (Ctrl for MAC users) on the image to save it to your computer first.) When you post your photo add a caption. …