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Six Strategies for Making Mandalas a Daily Practice

“I don’t have time to make mandalas every day.” If you want to find more time each day for an artful activity like creating a mandala a day, try these strategies: Get Organized Collect the basic materials you’ll need for the activity you want to do each day. I have a table that is dedicated to my mandala practice where I keep my basic supplies handy. Whenever I have a moment to create, everything is within hands reach and I can get to work without having to take the time to find what I need. Before I had a dedicated room for my mandala practice, I would keep my supplies in a cabinet with the different types of supplies organized in baskets. It made it easy to move the supplies to whatever room I found myself creating. Keep in mind, you don’t need much space to start a mandala practice. Make It Portable With mandala making, you don’t need many tools or supplies to get started. A simple pencil case can hold your tools including a …