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At Kripalu: Creating Mandalas for an Inspired Year

Imagine beginning the new year with a weekend focused entirely on you, creating mandala art, reflecting on where you’re at in life, connecting with your body through gentle movement and nourishing food – and all of this set in a gorgeous natural setting. Join Kathryn Costa on New Year’s Eve weekend at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in the breathtaking Berkshire mountains in Massachusetts. Mandala is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to mean “circle” or “center.” Creating mandala art is a powerful practice that fosters self expression, balance, and well-being. Creating Mandalas for an Inspired Year In this program, you’ll: Learn techniques for constructing a variety of mandala styles based on sacred geometry, labyrinths, and nature. Honor 2017 reflecting on the joys, challenges, and a-ha moments from the year. Explore what you want to say “yes” to and set intentions for 2018. Nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Create beautiful mandala art that is as unique as you. Start your year feeling centered and connected to yourself and your purpose. Return home with …

Gallery: White Swan Spring Renewal Mini Retreat

What an incredible day! I love collaborating with Rosie at White Swan Yoga Studio. Today’s session included restorative yoga, a nourishing lunch (color bowls from Milk & Honey), mandala making (Seed of Life), collaborative danmala (flower mandala), color meditation and sound bath. Click on the images below to read the captions and to get a closer look at some images from this restorative, nurturing, and creative mini retreat. The day was a huge success! We plan on offering more mini retreats and mandala workshops. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to not miss the announcements. When you subscribe you get a free mandala coloring book with 50 designs.

Mandala Workshop at Yoga Balance

Creating Mandalas for Relaxation & Self Expression Saturday, Apr 8, 2017 at 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm Yoga Balance Studio 135 Hooksett Road, Manchester, NH This workshop will be a fun opportunity to channel your inner artist! The workshop begins with an introduction to mandalas: the origins of the mandala; where mandalas show up in various cultures and in nature; and how mandalas are used as a practice for relaxation and self-expression. After centering with a short Gentle Yoga practice, we will learn how to construct a symmetrical grid as a basis for our designs, which we will then add shapes and patterns to create beautiful individual mandalas. We will finish with a closing ceremony to witness and honor everyone’s work. No art or yoga experience required. Beginners are encouraged to attend. All materials and supplies are provided. Fee: $45 per person; $40 before April 1. REGISTER NOW & SAVE!