Astrology 101 Art Journal Series

A Creative & Fun Way to Learn Astrology!

We need more play in our lives and what better way than to pull out some paints,
and a set of Kathryn Costa’s newest stencils from StencilGirl Products.
Follow along this 6-part video series to explore the enchanting study of Astrology and learn simple techniques using stencils to create an “Astro Art Journal.”

Astrology is so much more than your sun sign.
In fact, it’s a fascinating study of human nature.
In this introductory workshop you’ll recognize strengths and challenges
in yourself, your family, your friends, and colleagues
as you uncover your unique set of signs called your horoscope.

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Video 1: How to Paint a Zodiac Chart

Video 1: How to Paint a Zodiac Chart

See how fun and easy it is to create a zodiac chart with Kathryn Costa’s new stencils. In this first project, you’ll pick two colors that you love to “tap” and “pounce” paint onto the stencil to form the wheel. Then we’ll walk through the progression of 12 zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces adding their symbols to the zodiac chart.

Video 2: Zodiac Signs and the Four Elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water

Video 2: Classical Elements

The characteristics of each zodiac sign relates to one of the classical elements of fire, earth, air, and water. We’ll make connections with the chakras, the energy centers within your body. If you have Kathryn Costa’s chakra stencils, you can pull those out for more play time in your journal.

Video 3: Zodiac Distinctions - Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable Signs

Video 3: The Finer Distinctions

Not all signs of the same element are exactly alike. Learn which signs are the instigators, which ones are the finishers, which ones are slow to change, and which ones are the most flexible. We’ll take a look at these qualities in your personal birth chart.

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Video 4: Polarities and Lunar Cycles

Video 4: Polarities & Lunar Cycles

As you discover your unique strengths and challenges, the polarities and lunar cycles can help you to bring more balance
in all areas of your life.

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Video 5: Ruling Planets, Celestial Bodies, Luminaries

Video 5: Ruling Planets

You likely know your sun sign and have heard of “Mercury in Retrograde.” We’ll take a look at how the planets and celestial bodies influence your life.

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Video 6 - Create Your Own Birth Chart aka Natal Chart

Video 6: Create Your Birth Chart

Now that you know the zodiac signs and planets, it’s time to create your natal chart also known as your birth chart.

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