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What is the 100 Mandalas Challenge?

Create 100 mandalas in 100 days. The goal here is to get creative every day and to discover the possibilities found within a simple circle. These 100 days don’t have to be consecutive. You can jump into this challenge at any time and if you stray with the busyness of life, you are always welcome to pick back up where you left off.

For me the commitment has deepened my art practice and helped me to access deeper parts of me in ways that no amount of conversation has in the past. As a ‘mentor/coach/counselor’ I sing the praises of ‘mandala practice’ as a safe and profound tool in the opening process.

~ Karen Schweitzer

“Kathryn, You got the hidden talent out which was buried deep within me. Thank you for everything!”

~ Dr. Shazia Azmi

How to Participate

Start drawing mandalas! You are welcome to create your mandalas using any medium that pleases you. This is a personal challenge. There is no official registration or sign up process. Make your mandalas, keep track of the days, and share your mandalas with us in a way that feels right for you.

100 Mandalas Sharing Circle – This is a private website where you are welcome to hang out with some of the friendliest people from around the world who share your love for mandalas. Weekly prompts will keep you inspired. Members are invited to participate in unique group mandala projects. In 2017, a new color workshop will be available exclusively to members of the Sharing Circle.

“I am so glad I joined this community. Everyone is so wonderful, creative, and supportive here.”

~ Mary MacIlvain

“The Mandala Sharing Circle is a supportive place to share thoughts, and many times the comments of other participants have been thought provoking and reassuring.”

~ Jackie Fuller

Pinterest Board – This group board is another place to post your mandalas. To post your mandala you’ll need to follow the board and then e-mail kathryn@100mandalas.com with a request to be added as a pinner. You’ll receive an invitation to post your mandalas by e-mail.

“I am loving the newsletters and your website. I have learned so much and am excited to see what is to come. It has been a great journey so far.”

~ Brandy

Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion – Once you’ve reached your goal, let us know. We would like to recognize your achievement with a Certificate of Completion. Each year, everyone who has completed the challenge receives their certificate and is honored at the year end celebration.

In 2018, Congratulations to…


I’m new to making mandalas. How do I get started?

Welcome to the wonderful world of mandala making. Here are a few links to get you started:

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