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How to Draw and Color Mandalas: Step-by-Step Video Instructions on How to Draw Mandalas

Drawing mandalas is not as hard as it looks. I designed these videos to show you step-by-step how to draw mandalas. Once you get the hang of it, watch out! It will be hard to stop. That’s where “Taking the 100 Mandalas Challenge” comes in. Don’t miss new videos as they get published. Sign up for the newsletter to get updates.

Let’s start with these videos.


How to Draw Mandalas for Beginners

How to Draw Mandalas
for Beginners

How to Draw Perfectly Symmetrical Mandalas for Beginners

How to Draw Perfectly Symmetrical Mandalas
for Beginners

How to Use Colored Pencils to Color Mandalas

How to Use Colored Pencils
to Color Mandalas


[Sacred Geometry]
How to Draw the Torus Yantra
and Color the Hypnotic Eye Mandala


Luminous Mandalas
Mandalas on Black Background


Mandala Drawing
10 Video Lessons


Color I Course
Techniques & Color Harmony


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Kathryn Costa is an artist, teacher, and author of "The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art." Kathryn has taught thousands of people how to create mandalas in her popular YouTube videos, workshops, and book. Check out her new line of chakra stencils!


  1. LouAnn Bramante says

    I enjoyed this video very much. It gave me a whole new way to draw mandalas! Thanks Kathryn πŸ™‚
    LouAnn B.


    • Practice. Practice. Practice. In my book there are some illustrations that I drew six times until I had it just the way I wanted it to look. Have fun dialing in your mandala art.


  2. Heba Abdelhady says

    yesterday, i started to draw mandala after watching your video .. i’m so glad to find your videos and this website .. thank you Kathryn πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Evelyn says

    hi I was wondering if you could make more videos on how to make different mandalas that we can watch and make while watching


  4. Shelagh says

    Hi, I have just found you through following Magnamerlina and bought you book. I have just drawn my first freehand mandala and know it will be the first of many! Thank you for your inspiring book and work.
    Shelagh UK


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