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Mandala Guidebook Contributor – Maria Mercedes Trujillo A.

Maria Mercedes Trujillo A

Artist: Maria Mercedes Trujillo A.

Location: New Zealand

Found on pages: 21, 138

Title of Art: From my Journal to Stone

MaterialsStillman and Birn Beta Series Sketchbook (Watercolor Paper 270gsm Cold Pressed), Watercolor and Acrylic Ink, Beach Stone, Acrylic Inks

Maria, how has making mandalas helped you to find yourself again after you moved from Colombia to New Zealand? 

When we moved to New Zealand in 2009 I had a very difficult time deciding what I wanted to do, finding myself, finding out what my life project was, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a doctor anymore. I had started keeping artist’s journals in 2001, mandalas were a very frequent theme so I started studying and learning about them. I discovered that working with mandalas gave me endless possibilities, yet it gave me a frame: the circle. From my journals and mandalas my art evolved and I started sharing my creations on internet. In 2011 MagaMerlina my artist alter-ego was born and again, I found the passion for life, the looking forward to a new project, I had found a purpose. I draw, paint and embroider mandalas, creating and sharing them make me happy, also sharing what I’ve learned. Mandalas have taught me about art, life and my-Self.

Maria Mercedes Trujillo AI’m a late bloomer, self-taught illustrator-crafter from Bogotá-Colombia, who now calls New Zealand home. I attended medical school became a psychiatrist and in 2009 decided to make art full time. I sketch, draw, paint and embroider. You can find my work

Maria is known the world over for her beautiful mandala pebbles. Her latest project is a kit called, “Meditative Mandala Stones: Create Beautiful Designs while Relaxing and Focusing.

The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint, and Color Expressive Mandala Art” by Kathryn Costa is available from North Light Books.

Meet the other contributors at the online Book Launch Party.

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